17000 Aghosh Program January Online Registration

17000 Aghosh Program January Online Registration


The Government of Punjab has launched the Aghosh program as part of the Punjab Capital Investment Project under the Punjab Social Production Authority. The initiative aims to improve the health of mothers and children especially in 11 districts of the province including South Punjab, Bahawalpur, Muzaffargarh, Bakhar, Dera Ghazi Khan, Mayawali, Rahim Yar Khan, Rajanpur, Khushab, Bahawalnagar and Lodhran.

Objectives of the Unannounced Program

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Objectives of the Unannounced Program

The primary goal of the Aghosh program is to provide financial assistance of Rs. 17,000, to ensure that essential health services are available to individuals in both rural and urban areas. The program aims to secure the fundamental right of pregnant and lactating women as well as unborn children to promote good health, better and healthy lives.

17000 unannounced program registrations

1. Visit your nearest health center

The registration process for the Aghosh program is simple. Pregnant and lactating women can register at any stage of their pregnancy. Start by visiting your district health center to get tested.

2. Receive Bank of Punjab messages

After checkup, you will receive a confirmation message from Bank of Punjab regarding your registration.

3. Activate your account on HBL Connect

On receiving the registration confirmation SMS, go to HBL Connect and activate your account through biometric authentication.

4. Regular money deposits

After activation, you will receive regular deposits in your account, which can be withdrawn from HBL Connect ATM.

Ehsaas Aghosh Program Helpline Number

For any issues or queries related to the programme, individuals can contact the Aghosh helpline on 12 21. This toll-free number operates 24/7, allowing you to lodge a complaint, inquire about eligibility or get information about the Aghosh program.

How to get money from Aghosh program

The process to avail financial assistance from the Aghosh program in stages is straightforward.

  1. Registration: Register for the program and open your account.
  2. Medical Testing Support: Rupee. Rs 1,000 is provided to women who undergo free medical check-up four times at the health centre.
  3. Birth Certificate Help: Get Rs. Rs 3,000 for obtaining the birth certificate of the child from the Union Council and enrolling it in the health centre.
  4. Support of lactating mothers: Lactating mothers get Rs. Rs 1,000 for up to eight stages of medical check-up and vaccination for children up to two years of age.

In this phased manner, individuals can avail Rs. Assistance of Rs 17,000 from Aghosh programme. The amount will be deposited at the HBL Connect Centre, and payment will be made after biometric verification and PIN code confirmation is sent to the registered mobile number.


By participating in the Aghosh programme, individuals can secure their right to good health and contribute to building healthy communities. For more information and assistance, contact Aghosh Helpline 12 21