8171 Web Portal 2024 Registration and Eligibility Check

8171 Web Portal 2024 Registration and Eligibility Check


8171 Ehsaas Scheme (also known as Ehsaas Emergency Cash) is a social welfare organization launched by the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan in March 2020 to support poor, needy people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and public demand. it was done.

Under the Ehsaas program, the government expanded social protection programs, including the Benazir Income Support Program, and launched new programs such as Ehsaas Kafalat, a green financial assistance program for widows and orphans.

registration process

8171 Ehsaas Scheme is a government program in Pakistan which aims to help the poor by giving them money. If you want to participate in the program, you must meet certain conditions. First of all, you have to live in Pakistan. Second, your annual income must be below a certain level called the poverty line. Finally, you should not be receiving any other financial assistance from the government.

To register for the Ehsaas program using CNIC, please follow the steps given below:

  • go to exercise
  • Enter your CNIC number in the text box and send it to 8171.
  • If your conditions are suitable, you can withdraw cash from the nearest BISP Tehsil office.
  • If you have a bank account then you can withdraw money from HBL ATM.

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eligibility criteria

People who are not allowed to receive payments through BISP include government employees and their families, individuals who own large amounts of land or property, and businessmen in Pakistan.

Other initiatives of Ehsaas

In addition, Ehsaas’ work includes other projects focused on promoting education and improving the living conditions of the population, better medical facilities, assistance for the elderly, safety and security and interest-free loans for start-ups.

the main purpose

It was announced that Ehsaas Project 8171 will provide cash transfers and assistance to people facing financial difficulties, especially due to the coronavirus outbreak.

  • The program aims to provide cash assistance to the poorest families in the country who are facing financial difficulties due to the pandemic.
  • The goal is to expand the social safety net to cover the most vulnerable families who are not covered by the currently available schemes.
  • The program aims to help the poor access financial services like mobile wallets so they can receive better and more efficient cash transfers.
  • It aims to improve collaboration between government agencies, non-governmental organizations and stakeholders to ensure that programs are effective and delivered to those who need them most.
  • Its objective is to ensure transparency and accountability in the distribution of cash transfers so that the money reaches the beneficiaries and is used for the intended purpose.

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New Program Ehsaas BISP 8171 is a welfare program launched by the Government of Pakistan in 2019 with the aim of providing financial assistance to poor and needy people and helping them get education, healthcare, financial services and employment. 8171 There are many different initiatives under the Ehsaas programme. The eligibility criteria for each program varies from program to program.