AIOU- Admission and Grade Rules

AIOU- Admission and Grade Rules


AIOU-Admission and Grade Rules changes the criteria to apply for fresh admission in Allama Iqbal Open University. In autumn 2021 the university announced that grades must be 40% in the matriculation class for application to the new programme. Students below this limit may not be eligible for admission.

Now AIOU-Admission and Grade Rules has changed the rule to apply for new registration in Allama Iqbal Open University, the grade limit for new registration is 33%. Students who have 33% marks in matriculation can apply for fresh registration in FA, I.COM, BA/ADA, BS, B.ED, Associate Degree etc.

Method of Online Registration:

  • open OAS Portal
  • Create new account using phone number (read instructions carefully).
  • Select the program where you wish to take admission.
  • Enter accurate data and scan and submit the document.
  • Submit the course code you submitted.
  • Print invoices and make payments through Jazz Cash/Easy Pesa.

Wait for the approval message from the University after submitting the data (this process may take more than 3 months as per AIOU-Admissions and Grades rules)

Comment : Students have the original result card which is issued from the board. The result was that downloads from the Internet became unacceptable.

grading criteria:

Changes to several policies in autumn 2021. As per the updated policy 2023-24 the passing grade for the final paper (assignment + paper) should be 50%. In the new policy, the university changed the criteria for passing marks. Now students get 40% marks in assignment+paper combination.

Grade calculation formula

% for assignment

Assignment Marks (Multiplication) 100/200

% for paper

Paper Marks (Multiplication) 100/100

The combination of both the grades should be 40%. Otherwise you will fail in that code.

criteria Grading:

  • 80% above A+ grade
  • 70% to 79% A-grade
  • 60% to 69% B – Grade
  • 50% to 59% C – Grade
  • 40% to 49% D – Grade
  • fail below 40%

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