AIOU Admission Objection Redressal – AIOU Enrollment

AIOU Admission Objection Redressal – AIOU Enrollment


Step 2: Checking Tracking ID and Application Status:

Once inside the system, your attention becomes focused on the tracking ID and application status. Keep a close eye on any objections or concerns that may be marked in the application status section.

Step 3: Resolution of Objections:

If objections start to rear their head, don’t be afraid – follow our careful steps to address them effectively.

Step 4: Re-uploading the documents:

Proceed to step 3, where you will be asked to upload the required documents again. On the right side of your screen, click the “Re-upload document” option.

Step 5: Choosing the Right File:

Precision is important here. Select the appropriate file to upload. Be it certificates like Matriculation, SSC or Intermediate, choose the file that suits the specific requirement.

Step 6: Confirm selection:

After making your selection, take a moment to confirm your choice. This important step ensures accurate submission of required documents.

Step 7: Verification of Uploaded Documents:

Once the upload is complete, put on your metaphorical detective hat. Verify that the selected documents display prominently on your screen. Make sure that important documents like marksheets and certificates are not only present but also displayed correctly.

Step 8: Finalizing AIOU Admission Objection Resolution

Congratulations, you’re almost there! After following the necessary steps diligently, proceed to finalize the process. A successful resolution should be reflected in positive changes to the status of your application.


Finally, our detailed, three-step process is your ticket to overcoming objections during the admissions process. By deftly navigating the online admission system, you can efficiently resolve concerns and ensure a seamless application process.

frequently Asked question:

What documents may be required to be uploaded during the objection resolution process?

Documents like Matric, SSC and Intermediate certificates may be required.

What should I do if I encounter difficulties during the document upload process?

Contact the Admissions Support team for immediate assistance.

Can I review uploaded documents to ensure accuracy?

Absolutely! Take a moment to verify that the documents are displaying correctly on the screen after upload.

By diligently following these carefully outlined steps, you can confidently clear the objections and steer your admission process towards success.