AIOU Enrollment 2023 – Enrollment Login

AIOU Enrollment 2023 – Enrollment Login


AIOU Enrollment is a student facilitation service, a formal platform for AIOU enrolled students. Enrollment provides multiple services like Academic Records, My Teachers, Grades & Results, Student Profile, Course Registration and much more. The enrollment homepage also provides the facility to know AIOU result in just one click. So, AIOU Enrollment Homepage is one of the most important services provided by Allama Iqbal Open University.

AIOU enrollment is easily available for students who have just taken admission, and also for continuing students of previous semester at AIOU. New candidates must have a registration number and a password to open their homepage. When they sign-in, they can check all the information about their profile, and information relevant to their course or degree. Click on the following enrollment link i.e. to follow your credentials and information.

AIOU enrollment login The fastest way to view data of your given exams, previous semester result cards or upcoming AIOU results. AIOU student enrollment also brings an opportunity for new students, as all the data of a student is compiled by the university on a single link. Let us discuss all the facilities for the students enrolled in AIOU one by one.

AIOU Enrollment Login
AIOU Enrollment Login

The first step is to have your own User ID, which is provided by the University after admission confirmation. The password is usually sent by text SMS by the University along with the Registration ID. The password is in the form of a code which contains upper and lowercase letters and also some numbers. It is advisable not to share your credentials with anyone, otherwise other people may open your profile.

AIOU Academic Profile

The first page that will be shown is the Oracle homepage. On the Enrollment homepage you will see an option or box of Academic Records, a brief overview of the records related to the student i.e. tutor details and unofficial transcript if you are not a new student.

AIOU Enrollment HomepageAIOU Enrollment Homepage
AIOU Enrollment Homepage

AIOU Student Profile

When you click on the profile box you can see the following three lines on the side bar:

  • personal details
  • contact details
  • addresses

Students can verify their personal information and even update it if they find any mistakes. Contact details can also be updated i.e. email is optional where you receive notification emails. The address is the place of permanent or temporary residence where you can receive your AIOU parcel.

AIOU Course Registration

Course registration is the most basic issue faced by AIOU students, as selection of new courses always requires some deliberation. Anyway, registering for new courses for the next semester of AIOU is quite easy.

  • Click on Course Registration and a new window will open.
  • Click on a small search icon in Academic Level.
  • Choose a semester as per your next semester.
  • Click Add new request.
  • Add the proposed course and then take a print.

Campus Personal Information

Campus personal information consists of two terms; Demographic information and

personal information. In the first one, students can review all the information related to demographics i.e. country, city, citizenship information, ethnicity, etc. Whereas in the latter, all the personal information can be reviewed by the students i.e. CNIC, student ID, telephone, address, etc. ,

AIOU Exams and Grades

AIOU has an updated grading system, so only you can see your result. Grades are automatically updated on AIOU Nomination CMS when the results are declared by the University. AIOU exam schedule, results and grades (final papers and assignments) can be reviewed in an orderly manner in the AIOU Exams and Grades section. This section is really beneficial for the students.

my teacher from aiou

A few years ago, assignments were checked by tutors only when they were received at their address in hard copy. Now, AIOU facilitates its students with ease and advanced approach. For now write your assignment and send it to your tutor online. You can also find contact information in this section if you cannot find the points.

my financial account

My Financial Account is one of the advanced features created by Allama Iqbal Open University in AIOU Enrollment page. Students are given fee concessions and are refunded if they are found eligible or deserving. Along with compensation, there are some more features in this section which are:

  • account balance
  • fee payable
  • Payment History
  • account inquiry

student service request

There are many other services that students avail by clicking on new request. In the new request category you can see 4 more sections which are:

  • Apply for AIOU Financial Aid/Scholarship
  • aiou fee refund
  • Other Charges Challan/Challan
  • Correction of personal information

mailing books tracking

In this section, you can follow the tracking of AIOU books. As we know, it is hard to get hard copies, the university now provides soft books of all courses to its enrolled applicants.

Degree and Transcript Tracking

AIOU degree or transcript is the final document which the university sends to your home address after successful completion of all semesters. This section helps you apply for your degree.

AIOU Enrollment Number is basically your ID which is required for sign-in to your account. Also, candidates can enroll in different subjects of different courses and codes through this page, but you just need your own account to proceed to the next level.