Check Your AIOU Enrollment in 2023 (Updated)

Check Your AIOU Enrollment in 2023 (Updated)


The process of AIOU enrollment for 2023 has begun. Thousands of students from across Pakistan enroll in AIOU every year for distance learning programs. Checking your enrollment status is important to ensure your admission is confirmed. This blog provides complete details on how to check AIOU enrollment in 2023 online.

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Visit the official AIOU enrollment portal at This is where you can login and view your enrollment status.

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How to check AIOU Enrollment in 2023?

Checking your enrollment status in AIOU for 2023 is easy if you follow these steps:

  • Go to the AIOU enrollment portal at
  • Click on the “New Student” tab if you are enrolling for the first time. For existing students, click the “Existing Students” tab.
  • Enter your username and password. Your username is your roll number and your password is your CNIC number.
  • Click login. You will now see your dashboard.
  • Under the “Admission” tab, you can view your enrollment status. The status will show “Enrolled” if your admission is confirmed.

Here is a Quick Guide For AIOU Enrollment In the Form of a Table

2Click on the “New Student” or “Existing Students” tab
3Enter username and password
4Login and view dashboard
5Check admission status under the “Admission” tab
Table of AIOU Enrollment in 2023

Keep checking this dashboard periodically to see any updates on your admission status. If your enrollment shows as “Pending” or “In Process”, it means your admission is still under process.

To confirm enrollment, you must complete all the admission requirements like submission of forms, documents, and fee payment within the deadline. The enrollment status will only change to “Enrolled” once your admission is approved by the university.

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How can I check my AIOU Enrollment in 2023 online?

The easiest way to check AIOU enrollment status in 2023 is to login to the official online portal Follow these simple steps:

  • Visit
  • Click on “Existing Students”
  • Enter your roll number and CNIC password
  • Login and view your dashboard
  • Check your admission status under the “Admission” tab

The online portal shows real-time updated admission status. Keep checking regularly to track any changes. You will also receive SMS and email alerts on your enrollment status.

If you are facing any login issues on the portal, try resetting your password or contact the university helpline. Checking enrollment online ensures instant verification and avoids visits to a university campus.

How can I Check My AIOU Enrollment in 2023 Physically?

While the easiest way is to check the enrollment status online, students also have the option to physically visit the university campus for verification.

To check the enrollment status in person, students should go to the admissions office located in Room No. G-50, Multi-storey building, Sector H-8, Islamabad. They should carry relevant documents like submission receipts, ID cards, roll number slips, etc.

At the office, request the staff to provide an update on your enrollment status for the ongoing admission cycle. The concerned officer will verify your credentials and fetch your admission details to inform if your enrollment is confirmed or under process.

If there are any pending actions from your end, you can get guidance on how to complete the formalities. Physically visiting the campus allows you to directly consult university staff and solve any enrollment issues face-to-face.

However, only visit the campus if absolutely necessary, as online enrollment status is most convenient.

Check AIOU enrollment 2023

How can I check my enrollment in AIOU by roll Number?

To check your AIOU enrollment status using your roll number, follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Select “Existing Students”
  • Enter your 9-digit roll number as username
  • Input your CNIC number (without dashes) as a password
  • Click Login

Once logged in, you will see your dashboard. Go to the “Admission” tab to view your enrollment status for the selected program.

Make sure to enter the roll number carefully with the correct digits. The roll number is case-sensitive and should match the one allotted to you by AIOU. If you have trouble logging in, use the password reset option or contact the university helpline. Checking enrollment by roll number is quick and eliminates confusion.

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How can I check my enrollment in AIOU by name?

AIOU does not allow login to the enrollment portal by name or CNIC number. The only way to check your enrollment status is through:

  • Roll number – The 9-digit code allotted to you for the program admission
  • SMS service – Send your roll number via SMS to 8070 to get enrollment status
  • Helpline – Call at AIOU helpline numbers and provide your details to get an enrollment status update
  • Visiting University – Physically visit the campus admission office with your documents and credentials to get your enrollment status

The university uses roll number as the primary identifier for all students. So it’s recommended to check your enrollment status by logging into the portal using your allotted roll number and CNIC password. This ensures quick and direct enrollment verification at any time.

In summary, checking AIOU enrollment is very simple using the online portal Just login using your roll number, view your admission status, and track any changes regularly. This saves you from the hassle of contacting university staff or visiting the campus in person. Prompt online enrollment status allows you to complete all admission formalities well in time.

Check AIOU Enrollment For Continue Students In 2023

For students who are already enrolled in AIOU and are continuing their education in 2023, the process to check enrollment status remains the same.

Continuing students should login to using their existing credentials and click on the “Existing Students” tab. On the dashboard, go to the “Admission” section to view your updated enrollment status for 2023.

Just like new students, continuing students also need to complete any admission requirements within deadlines to confirm their enrollment. The status will only change from “In Process” to “Enrolled” once the university approves your continuation request.


It is advised that existing students start checking their enrollment status well in advance so that there is enough time to complete any pending admission formalities. The online enrollment portal provides continuing students the convenience to verify their 2023 enrollment status anytime without visiting the campus.

Check AIOU Enrollment For Fresh Students In 2023

For new students taking admission in AIOU programs for the first time in 2023, the process of enrollment is simple.

Fresh students should visit the official enrollment portal and click on the “New Student” tab. They can register themselves by providing the required personal and academic details.

After registering, students will be allotted a unique 9-digit roll number which will act as their username on the portal along with the CNIC number as password for login. Fresh students can now login to track their admission status under the “Admission” section on their dashboard.

The status will initially show as “Pending” until admission is approved by the university. Freshers should regularly check their enrollment and complete all documentation formalities within given deadlines for successful confirmation.

Keeping track of the enrollment status on the online portal saves new students from the hassle of physically visiting the campus frequently.


The eligibility criteria for enrollment in AIOU include:

  • Minimum age of 16 years for matric, FA, and BA programs
  • Minimum education is Matriculation or equivalent
  • No minimum percentage is required in the last degree
  • CNIC copy required for admission application
  • Recent passport-size photographs are also needed
  • Overseas students need NOC and visa documents

Follow these steps to login to AIOU enrollment portal:

  • Visit
  • Click the “Existing Students” tab
  • Enter your roll number as username
  • Input CNIC number (without dashes) as password
  • Press Login
  • Check your admission status on the dashboard

If you face any issues in the AIOU enrollment process, you can contact:

  • Call at AIOU helpline numbers: 051-111-112-468 or 051-905-7361
  • Email at
  • Visit the admission office on campus in Room No. G-50, Multi-storey building, Sector H-8, Islamabad
  • Write a letter to the Director of Admissions, AIOU, H-8 Post Office Islamabad
  • Contact via AIOU Facebook page or Twitter account

The university staff is accommodating and will guide you to resolve any enrollment problems promptly.