Step by Step Guide for AIOU enrollment in 2023 (Don’t miss)

Step by Step Guide for AIOU enrollment in 2023 (Don’t miss)



The Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) enrollment for the year 2023 is starting soon. If you are a prospective or continuing student of AIOU, it is important that you know the step-by-step process of enrollment to avoid any issues later on.

This blog post provides a comprehensive guide on AIOU enrollment for 2023, answering common questions and addressing key aspects. By following the instructions here, you will be able to complete your enrollment smoothly.

The AIOU enrollment process has been made easier in recent years with the option of online enrollment. However, there are still some points of confusion for students. In this two-part introductory paragraph, we provide an overview of what this post contains to help prospective AIOU students in 2023.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

This inspiring quote reminds us of the importance of pursuing education. AIOU offers this opportunity to many students, so enrolling correctly is crucial.

StepDetailsHow to
1Use the “Find User ID/Password” linkLook at old enrollment forms
2Retrieve online credentialsUse “Find User ID/Password” link
3Get assistanceContact AIOU Helpline
4Reset lost passwordUse the “Find User ID/Password” link
5Complete processUse the “Forgot Password” option
Table for AIOU Enrollment 2023

By following these simple steps summarized in the table, students can smoothly enroll for AIOU’s upcoming academic year 2023. Now let’s dive deeper into each aspect.

How to apply for AIOU Enrollment in 2023 online?

Here are the steps to apply for AIOU enrollment online for 2023:

  1. Visit the AIOU enrollment website and click ‘Login’.
  2. Enter your User ID and password. If new, click ‘Register Now’ and fill out the form.
  3. Choose the programs/courses you want to enroll in from the list.
  4. Add selected courses to your enrollment cart.
  5. On the enrollment form page, fill in personal and contact details carefully.
  6. Upload your photograph and scanned copies of CNIC/documents.
  7. Select your preferred exam city and center.
  8. Review all entered details carefully.
  9. Click ‘Submit Form’ before the enrollment deadline.
  10. Pay semester fees online via credit/debit card or JazzCash.
  11. Download and print your fee voucher for records.
  12. Activation of enrollment is subject to fee payment before the due date.

Follow these 12 steps to smoothly apply for AIOU enrollment 2023 online. Make sure to complete it well before the deadline. Let me know if you need any clarification on the process.

How to enroll In AIOU in 2023 Online?

Here are the quick steps to enroll in AIOU for 2023:

  1. Get your user ID and password (check old forms or register online).
  2. Visit the enrollment website and login.
  3. Select your courses and add them to the cart.
  4. Enter your details on the enrollment form.
  5. Upload documents and select the exam center.
  6. Submit your form before the deadline.
  7. Pay fees online or at the bank.
  8. Print your enrollment confirmation.

That’s it in a nutshell. Make sure to complete steps 1-8 before the enrollment deadline to officially sign up for AIOU courses in 2023. Let me know if you need any part explained further.

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AIOU enrollment process for Pakistani students in 2023

Here are some additional details on the AIOU enrollment process for students in Pakistan:

Eligibility for Enrollment

  • Students must have passed their Matric (10th grade) exam to enroll in intermediate programs at AIOU.
  • For bachelor’s programs, students need to have passed their Intermediate (12th grade) exam.
  • For post-graduate programs like MPhil and PhD, students require a relevant bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Enrollment Dates

  • AIOU announces admission dates for its autumn and spring semesters each year.
  • Enrollment for the spring semester usually begins in October and ends in December.
  • For the autumn semester, enrollment often starts in March and ends in May.
  • Exact dates are advertised in national newspapers and on the AIOU website.

Enrollment Process

  • Students can enroll online through the student portal using their roll number and password.
  • Physical enrollment is also done at designated AIOU offices in different cities.
  • Forms need to be filled with personal and academic details and submitted along with the admission fee.
  • Admit cards are issued after verification of submitted documents.

Documents Required

  • Academic certificates of previous qualifications
  • CNIC copy
  • Passport size photographs
  • Admission form with complete details

Payment of Fees

  • Admission fees can be paid via bank draft at AIOU branches or online through credit/debit card.
  • A fee voucher is generated once the enrollment form is submitted.
  • Payment needs to be made before the enrollment deadline.

Having all the required documents, enrollment credentials, and fees will help students complete the admission process smoothly. Let me know if you need any other details on the AIOU enrollment process and requirements.

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What is my user ID and password for AIOU enrollment 2023?

If you have already enrolled at AIOU previously, then you likely already have a user ID and initial password. Your user ID is a unique 12-digit number that is printed on your enrollment form (form-1). To find your user ID and initial password if you have lost it or don’t remember, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the AIOU enrollment website ( and click on the “Find User ID and Password” link.
  2. Enter your enrollment number (which is printed on your form) in the box and click “Get Credentials”.
  3. Your user ID and initial password will be displayed on the next screen. Make sure to write it down somewhere safe and also change your password immediately after logging in.
  4. If you are still unable to retrieve your user ID and password, contact AIOU on their toll-free helpline at 0800-29555.

So in summary, if you have previously enrolled at AIOU, entering your enrollment number on the AIOU enrollment website will display your user ID and initial password for logging in to complete enrollment for 2023.

What is my user ID and password for AIOU enrollment online?

For new students enrolling at AIOU for the first time, the process to get a user ID and password for online enrollment is slightly different:

  1. Visit the AIOU enrollment website and click “New User Registration”.
  2. Enter your _personal details like name, father’s name, and CNIC number correctly as per your educational documents.
  3. An OTP (one-time password) will be sent to your mobile number. Enter the OTP in the box.
  4. Once verified, your user ID and initial password will be generated. Write it down and then change the password immediately.
  5. Now you can use this user ID and password to login and complete your online enrollment for 2023.

So in summary, new AIOU students need to register online first to generate their user ID and initial password. Entering personal details and verifying through OTP is required for online credential generation.

AIOU enrollment 2023
AIOU enrollment 2023

How can I check My user ID and Password for AIOU Enrollment in 2023?

There are three main ways to check your AIOU user ID and password for the 2023 enrollment process:

  1. Check your old enrollment forms – If you have enrolled in AIOU previously, your user ID will be printed on your enrollment form (form-1).
  2. Use the “Find User ID and Password” link – As mentioned earlier, going to the AIOU enrollment website and clicking this link allows you to retrieve your credentials by entering your enrollment number.
  3. Contact the AIOU Helpline – You can call AIOU’s toll-free helpline at 0800-29555 to verify your user ID and password details or get your credentials reset if you don’t remember them.

The easiest way is to check option 1 first by looking at your old enrollment forms. Failing that, use option 2 by trying to retrieve your credentials online.

As a last resort, call the AIOU helpline for assistance. The key is patience and having your enrollment or personal details handy. AIOU staff will be glad to help verify your login credentials.

Where are my user ID and password for AIOU enrollment 2023?

There are a few possible places where your AIOU user ID and password details may be stored:

On your old enrollment forms (form-1) – Your user ID is printed on form-1 which you would have received after initial enrollment.

In your emails – If you have enrolled online before, your login credentials would have been sent to the email you provided during registration.

Noted in your documents/records – Make sure to check your educational documents, old fee vouchers, or receipts that may contain your credentials.

Saved on AIOU intranet – Your user ID and password details are also saved on AIOU’s secure server database and can be retrieved online or via helpline.

Sent via SMS previously – For online users, AIOU may have sent credentials via SMS on your registered mobile number in the past.

So in summary, physically check your enrollment forms and official records first. Otherwise, utilize the online retrieval or helpline support to locate your AIOU user ID and password for the 2023 enrollment process.

How to forget the User ID and password in AIOU enrollment 2023?

If you have unfortunately forgotten your AIOU user ID or password and are unable to retrieve it through the above-mentioned methods, here is what you need to do:

  1. Visit the AIOU enrollment website and click “Forgot Password”.
  2. Enter your credentials like a user ID or enrollment number and personal details as asked.
  3. An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  4. Enter the OTP and your password will be reset immediately.
  5. You will receive an email with your newly reset password.
  6. Login with your user ID and new password to complete your enrollment process.
  7. Be sure to change the password after logging in for security.

So in case you have truly forgotten your ID/password, this method allows you to easily reset it by validating your identity through OTP. Just ensure your personal details and contact information are updated with AIOU.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To login to your AIOU enrollment account:
Visit the enrollment website
Enter your 12-digit user ID in the first box.
Enter your password in the second box.
Click the “Login” button.
You will be directed to your dashboard to complete the enrollment process.

If you have forgotten your AIOU enrollment password, follow these steps:
Click “Forgot Password” on the login page.
Enter your user ID or enrollment number.
Input the OTP sent to your mobile number.
Your password will be reset and a new one will be sent to your email.
Use the new password received via email to login.

To access your AIOU enrollment account online:
Go to Click “Login”
Enter user ID and password
You can now login to your dashboard and complete the enrollment process.

To access your AIOU enrollment account online:
Go to Click “Login”
Enter user ID and password
You can now login to your dashboard and complete the enrollment process.
Please ensure you have internet access and use the latest version of a supported web browser like Chrome, Firefox, etc. to login online.

The key differences are
Enrollment is the process of signing up as a student for the year and paying fees.
Assignments are the academic tasks/papers given to students by tutors that must be submitted before exams.
Enrollment happens once annually while assignments have different submission deadlines per course.
Enrollment confirms your student status while assignments contribute to your final marks/grade.

So in summary, enrollment registers & confirms your admission for the year while assignments are part of your academic assessment as a student.


Completing your enrollment at AIOU is an important process that sets you up for success in the upcoming academic year. This guide aimed to address all the essential questions and requirements around enrollment to help ensure students can navigate it seamlessly.

While the steps may seem straightforward on paper, remembering small details like credentials, contact information and deadlines can sometimes be difficult.

That is why it is recommended to review all enrollment documents thoroughly, write down your important details in one place as a reference, and utilize AIOU’s online and helpline support as needed.

With patience and diligence in following the best practices outlined here, any prospective or continuing student of AIOU should now feel confident in their ability to enroll for 2023 without hassle.

Do not delay – get started on your enrollment at the AIOU website soon. I wish all students the very best as they embark on their educational journey. Remember, every step taken towards lifelong learning is an investment in your own growth and empowerment.

Stay dedicated to making the most of the opportunities that AIOU provides.