AIOU Online Workshop Schedule |  autumn 2023

AIOU Online Workshop Schedule | autumn 2023


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Allama Iqbal Open University, located in Islamabad, along with its regional centres, is vibrant with co-curricular programmes. These include educational seminars, literary workshops and conferences. These events are not just for students and faculty; They attract distinguished dignitaries and scholars, making them informative and enriching gatherings for all involved.

Online Workshop Schedule of B.Ed, BS and PG Programs Semester Autumn 2023:

Students seeking admission to B.Ed, BS and PG programs can check their workshop schedules on the university website. If a student misses a workshop, they must attend it again, otherwise, they will be considered failed. Those who have not passed a certain degree also have to appear again for the workshop. It is important to continue these sessions to progress successfully.

AIOU Face-to-Face Workshop Schedule 2024:

Allama Iqbal Open University has one million students. Those attending professional degree courses are required to attend workshops in person. If you are attending individually, you can find your own workshop schedule using your name and roll number. Keep an eye on your email too.

Once you are admitted, AIOU conducts workshops for all courses. For B.Ed and B.Ed (Hons) students, it is time to check your workshop schedule for this semester. Whether you’re new or returning, check out your schedule here. Remember, attendance at all workshops is required to pass this semester.

questions to ask

Where can I find the schedule of online workshops for the Autumn 2023 semester?

The online workshop schedule for Autumn 2023 will be available on the official website of the University or the designated student portal. Keep an eye on announcements or specific sections of the schedule and calendar for timely updates.

What should I do if I encounter a time conflict with the online workshop schedule in Fall 2023?

If you encounter scheduling conflicts of online workshops for Autumn 2023, contact your program advisor or workshop coordinator immediately. In some cases, alternative arrangements or supplemental sessions may be available to accommodate such conflicts. Communicating quickly helps in finding suitable solutions.