AIOU Solved Assignment No.1 Course Code 309 Autumn 2023

AIOU Solved Assignment No.1 Course Code 309 Autumn 2023


Write the plural feminine salutation of the following singular nouns.

Brochure, Virtuous, Generous, Friend, Teacher, Mustache, Doctor, Professor, Tree, Garden

female teacherSchool
drinkhis mustache
doctorsfemale doctor
professorM / s

Write the plural masculine salam of the following singular nouns.

Noble, Righteous, Scholar, Grateful, Supporter, Prostration, Kneeling, Participating, Speculating, Ignorant

honorable peopleGentry
Thank youThankful
kneel downBend
ignorant peopleignorant

Explain the types of specialties and what are they?

Arabized (Arabized in Arabic) refers to words that have the diacritical form of Arabic, meaning that they follow the grammatical and morphological rules of the Arabic language.

As far as built (built in Arabic) is concerned, it means words that do not have grammatical formation and do not follow grammatical and morphological rules.

There are two types expressed and constructed

Arabized: These are words that take form and follow Arabic rules, like nouns and verbs taken from other languages.

Composite Parser: It refers to words that are formed in the Arabic language and use diacritics, an example of which is the participle.

Made by yourself: These are words that do not take any diacritics and do not follow Arabic rules, such as some scientific names and foreign words.

In Arabic, inflection and inflection are used to describe the formation of words and their dependence on grammatical rules.

Use the following noun words in sentences.

it, he, she, you

this book is newit
The student who got first place studies in this schoolOne
that movie was exciting Following
you are a hardworking studentYou all

Make the following verbs in present tense.

Yakharj, Yakum, Yatakad, Yaabi, Ystari

To convert present tense verbs into imperatives, some rules of Arabic language can be followed. Here is the imperative for each present tense verb in my example

Progressis presented
i sellSell

The chapters of Chaturbhuja are poems consisting of four verses. Here are two examples of quadrilateral gates


The stars remain above the sky at night
Flowers are watered with sweet dew
The wind tells stories of travel and dreams
A feeling of peace and encounter fills the heart of the earth


The sky is populated with birds’ dreams
clouds paint pictures of hope
The sea meets the sky in the embrace of the horizon
The flowers by the spring bank sing the song of pregnancy

Define passive and active passive and give two examples.

Participles and clauses are important words in Arabic grammar that are used in a sentence.

: Inactive

An adverb is a word that expresses the subject that is the result of an action or an action.

Example: Zainab Ghuslat-e-Thiyab. (Zainab washed the clothes. Here “al-thiyāb” is passive which is the result of the action of bathing.)

:active deputy

Subjective is the word which comes with an object in a sentence and acts as the subject.

Example: Saw students playing in the garden. (I saw the students playing in the garden. Here is the clause “al-talab”, which appears as the subject of the verb.)

These two words play an important role in sentence structure in Arabic grammar.

and her sistersHow many ? Give one example of each.

“An” and “Brotherhood” are pronouns used in Arabic language sentences.


,He” is an important Arabic letter which is used to express a condition or fact in a sentence.

Example: It is possible that the students may have passed the examination. (Here “in” is used to express the situation and the meaning of the sentence is: “The students have passed the examination.”)

:and his sisters

,and her sisters” means “and his sisters” or “and his sisters”.

Example: Muhammad has a brother and sister. (Muhammad had one brother and two sisters. Here “Wakhtan” is used for sisters.)

“An” and “Wakhwatah” allow different combinations in sentences and usage in different occasions of the Arabic language

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