Allama Iqbal Open University offers AIOU- Workshop Program of Open University courses. If a person does not attempt the workshop is declared a flop semester. Students who have not attempted to attend a workshop can gain quiz-testing insight into the course material.

AIOU- Workshop gives an open opportunity to the students. In workshop schedule To gain clear knowledge and qualifications that will be valuable for their future profession. These abilities improve usability while engaging in intensive critical tasks.

Candidates will have to attend all the classes of the workshop subjects. It is important to attempt all classes on time to gain knowledge and experience. Candidates should be aware of the importance of attending classes on time and the consequences of missing classes without any valid explanation.

Why are workshops important?

  • Workshops are programmatic meetings where teachers present students with opportunities and ideas to develop and understand the application of hypothetical ideas in proven situations.
  • Tutors are experts in various fields at a specialized level, giving ample opportunities to system administration, which can be useful to the students in terms of future professional prospects.
  • Workshops provide an environment of collaboration, which energizes personal commitment and dialogue. This dynamic furthers benefits and empowers individuals to seek alternative perspectives from their peers.
  • The workshops stay connected to the latest art advancements in their field of review. Candidates remain serious throughout their profession.

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