Finding the Right Airtel Payments Bank Customer Care Number for Your Needs

Finding the Right Airtel Payments Bank Customer Care Number for Your Needs


Airtel Payments Bank is one of the leading digital payments banks in India with over 50 million customers. Getting in touch with their customer care quickly is important for seamless banking services.

This article provides all the useful Airtel Payments Bank customer care numbers and how you can use them effectively for your needs.

How to Find the Toll-Free Number for Your Circle

Airtel provides state-wise helpline numbers for payments bank services. To find the toll-free customer care number for your circle:

  • Go to and click on ‘Talk to Us’
  • Select your state in the dropdown menu provided
  • The dedicated toll-free number for your state will be mentioned here
  • Call this number for immediate assistance from Airtel Payments Bank for your queries

Having the helpline number handy for your state ensures faster resolution without any wait time.

Pan-India Toll-Free Customer Care Numbers

In addition to state-wise numbers, Airtel has provided the following country-wide toll free helplines:

Airtel Payments Bank Customer Care – 400812345

For services like account balance enquiry, statement request, cheque book request, cash deposit or any other general queries, call this number 24×7.

Airtel Banking Points – 400812345

To find your nearest Airtel Banking Point for cash deposits, withdrawals, passbook updates and other assistance, get in touch on the same helpline.

Complaints and Grievances – 121 / 400812345

To register complaints about any banking service like fraudulent transaction, incorrect debits, non-issuance of cheque book, etc use these numbers.

Nodal Officer Escalation – 121

If your issues remain unresolved despite complaints, request for a nodal officer intervention on the 121 toll-free line for immediate assistance.

Airtel Thanks App

You can also use Airtel Thanks app for account balance check, complaint registration, locating banking points and other services.

Having these pan-India numbers handy helps you quickly reach the right Airtel Payments Bank contact for your needs.

How to Lodge Complaints Against Airtel Payments Bank

While most queries are resolved over the helplines, you can lodge written complaints for issues requiring detailed investigation:

Step 1: Call 400812345 and explain the problem. Insist on registering an official complaint and note the ticket number.

Step 2: Write a complaint letter with transaction details and submit at the home branch. Get acknowledgment.

Step 3: Email complaints to with supporting documents.

Step 4: Tweet your grievance by tagging @AirtelBankHelp on Twitter for immediate response.

Step 5: Follow up on the complaint until final resolution to your satisfaction. Escalate if needed.

Providing transaction evidence and persisting with your complaint is key to ensuring effective redressal.

How to Check Account Balance and Mini Statement

To check your Airtel Payments Bank account balance, the easiest options are:

  • Missed Call – Simply give a missed call to 900412345 from your registered mobile number. You will get an SMS with account balance details.
  • USSD code – Dial *400# and follow prompts to get real-time account balance through USSD menu.
  • Airtel Thanks app – Login to the app and go to Airtel Payments Bank section to view up-to-date balance.
  • ATMs – Use your debit card at any ATM and select Balance Enquiry option to view balance.

You can also get mini account statements for last 5 transactions through Thanks app or by calling customer care.

How to Update KYC with Airtel Payments Bank

It is mandatory to complete your KYC documentation for full and uninterrupted access to all banking services. Here is how to update:

Through Net Banking – Login to net banking and under Services section, select Update KYC option. Submit your documents online.

Visiting Branch – Take your identity and address proof documents to the nearest branch for in-person verification. KYC will be updated.

Doorstep Service – Call customer care and request for an agent visit for doorstep KYC verification at your home/office address.

Ensure your mobile number linked with account is updated so you receive immediate notification as KYC updation is completed. Having full KYC ensures seamless banking experience.

How to Block Debit Card if Lost/Stolen

If you lose your Airtel Payments Bank debit card or if it gets stolen, immediately call 24×7 customer care on 400812345 to get the card blocked.

You must also visit the nearest branch and submit a letter requesting card blocking and re-issuance of a fresh card. This prevents misuse of your blocked card. Do not delay reporting lost card.

How to Reactivate Dormant Account

If your Airtel Payments Bank account turns inactive due to no transactions, here is how to reactivate it:

  • Visit your home branch and fill the account reactivation request form along with KYC documents.
  • Call customer care on 400812345 and request reactivation by providing account details.
  • Deposit some amount into the dormant account through net banking or ATM to activate it.
  • Normal banking services will resume within 2 working days once reactivated.

Regular use of account avoids dormancy. But even if it becomes inoperative, a simple reactivation process brings it live back instantly.


Airtel Payments Bank offers multiple customer care channels like toll-free lines, Thanks app, email, SMS and net banking for fast redressal. Knowing the right contact number and reaching out instantly for issues maximizes customer experience. Keep helpline details handy to manage your payments bank account seamlessly!’


Airtel Payments Bank provides dedicated toll-free customer care numbers circle-wise as well as pan-India helplines to ensure quick assistance. Knowing the appropriate number for complaints, account balance or other needs and reaching out instantly helps get faster resolution. You can also use their Thanks app, SMS services and net banking for convenient banking without visiting a branch. Having the key customer care contacts handy delivers seamless payments bank usage.