All details about Kafalat Program 9000 New Quest 2024

All details about Kafalat Program 9000 New Quest 2024


Kafalat Program It is a social security program launched by the Government of Pakistan in 2019. The program provides monthly cash stipends to poor and vulnerable women across the country. The program is part of the Ehsaas Umbrella Programme, which aims to reduce poverty and inequality in Pakistan.

The Kafalat program is designed to provide financial assistance to women who are the primary breadwinners of their families.

All details about Kafalat Program 9000 New Quest:

Assalam Alaikum viewers, in today’s short post we are going to give updates related to this. Benazir Kafalat Program With you guys. Nine thousand rupees update of Benazir Kafalat Program 2024 has been released by the Government of Pakistan. We are going to tell you the complete process related to the survey and how you can save yourself from being disqualified by doing a dynamic survey in 2024. Should you also do a survey? They will share it with you too. Along with this, some policies regarding dynamic survey have also been made by the Government of Pakistan. They will also tell you from whom the Pakistan government is asking for dynamic survey and from whom. People receiving messages from 8171 and people receiving messages from 8171Are these people going to get the installment of 2024 from the Government of Pakistan? Money will have to be invested before or after, all the information will be shared with you in this short post. Phase 2 has been started by the Government of Pakistan and in this the Government of Pakistan will qualify about 50 million people i.e. will survey them and those who will be eligible in it. They will be eligible for Benazir Income Support Program as well as Rs 9000 Sponsorship Program which are different programs.

    kafalat program 9000
kafalat program 9000

Dynamic Survey 8171:

Viewers let me tell you that many people have questions in their mind regarding Dynamic Survey, those who were eligible by Pakistan Government three years ago and are still taking money, many of them have been regularized by Pakistan Government. Is. An SMS has been sent to conduct your dynamic survey on the relevant date. The viewers have not received the message, so all such people are informed whether the Government of Pakistan has sent you the message or not. It’s been three years, make your dynamic survey mandatory. Pakistan government’s policy regarding this is dynamic survey, This happens, that is, according to the individual’s own thinking, because you know that the policy of the Government of Pakistan is to survey those people after every three years, so now these people are surveyed for three years. Will have to do. Survey should be conducted. There are some people who have problems in their children’s records, so when their survey is done, it becomes automatic and their records also get updated. Let us tell you that Inshallah, the Government of Pakistan has announced to give the installment on 15th February and this installment will be given to the people through ATM, but the ATMs are going to be restored on 10th February.

    kafalat program 9000     kafalat program 9000
kafalat program 9000

Benazir Kafalat Program Check CNIC:

To check Benazir Sponsorship Program payment status, you can use one of the following methods:

Visit the official website of Ehsaas Kafalat Program, See “Check Payment Status” section. Enter your National Identity Card (Computerized National Identity Card) number or the beneficiary’s CNIC number. Now click on “Check” button to check payment status. The screen will then show whether the PKR twelve thousand has been paid or is still pending.

Send an SMS to 8171 from your mobile phone. Simply write your CNIC number in the SMS text. For example, if your CNIC number is 351011123456-1, you have to send this SMS:

In response to the Ehsaas Kafalat program, you will receive an SMS informing you whether you have been paid or not.

a phone call
Call the helpline number of Ehsaas Kafalat program 0800-786-786. When you contact an agent, provide your CNIC number. The operator will inform you about the payment status.

If you do not know your CNIC number, you can verify it from the nearest National Identity Card (CNIC) office of your area.