Bajaj Finserv Customer Care Number For Assistance

Bajaj Finserv Customer Care Number For Assistance


Bajaj Finserv is one of the leading financial services organizations in India offering lending, insurance and wealth management solutions. However, customers may need assistance on these offerings which requires contacting Bajaj Finserv customer care.

In this post, I will provide details on various ways to reach Bajaj Finserv customer care through call, email, chat, social media and other channels. Read on to learn how you can easily connect with Bajaj Finserv’s customer support team.

Why I Prefer Bajaj Finserv For Financial Needs

Before getting into the customer care details, let me highlight some key reasons why I prefer Bajaj Finserv over other financial companies in India:

  • Range of offerings – Loans, insurance, investments catered under one brand.
  • Digital innovation – Range of apps and instant financing options through technology.
  • Quick loan approvals – Hassle-free and fast financing with minimum documents.
  • Customized products – Variety of loans and insurance plans to suit individual needs.
  • Customer service – Multiple channels for quick resolution of issues.
  • Trusted brand – Part of the reputed Bajaj Group of companies.

Considering the above benefits, Bajaj Finserv is my trusted financial services provider. Now let’s see how to reach their customer care.

How To Contact Bajaj Finserv Customer Care

You can connect with Bajaj Finserv’s customer care team in the following ways:

Call the helpline number

The easiest option is to directly call the Bajaj Finserv customer care helpline 1800-209-4567. The number is operational 24×7.

Explain your query related to loan application, statements, insurance claims etc. The executive will suggest solutions over the call to resolve issues.

Email your grievance

You can send an email regarding your problems and queries to Bajaj Finserv customer care team at

Mention all relevant account details in the email and the team will investigate the matter and respond over email.

Chat online

Bajaj Finserv also allows real-time chat with customer care executives to resolve your issues instantly.

  • Visit Bajaj Finserv website and click on ‘Chat With Us’ option at the bottom.
  • Briefly explain your issue in the chatbox and follow executive’s instructions.

Connect over social media

Many customers also reach out to Bajaj Finserv’s social media handles on Facebook and Twitter for basic queries.

Comment your brief query on their latest posts from handles Bajaj Finserv and @Bajaj_Finserv. The team will acknowledge and follow up if more details are required.

Check FAQs and knowledgebase

Bajaj Finserv website has extensive FAQs and knowledgebase articles on most common issues faced by customers.

Refer these instantly to find ready help guides and solutions without contacting call center for basic issues.

Log queries on customer portal

Bajaj Finserv has a dedicated customer portal Here you can raise and track your queries, complaints, request documents etc. without human assistance.

It provides an easy self-service option for your issues that don’t get resolved through FAQs.

Top Queries Received By Bajaj Finserv Customer Care

Below are some frequent queries that Bajaj Finserv customers reach out to customer care for:

  • Loan application status and documents required
  • Requests for loan foreclosure and statement
  • Insurance policy renewal and claim settlements
  • Updating KYC details
  • Requests for change in communication mode
  • Queries on interest calculations and payments
  • Issues with creating customer portal login
  • Changes in contact information
  • Questions on terms and conditions

Bajaj Finserv’s customer care handles these queries smoothly across phone, email, chat, social media and self-help channels.

Key Takeaways – Contacting Bajaj Finserv Care

  • Call 1800-209-4567 for urgent assistance over call
  • Email for detailed complaints
  • Chat online on website for direct interaction with representatives
  • Tweet @Bajaj_Finserv or post on Facebook for non-critical queries
  • Refer FAQs and knowledgebase for self-resolution
  • Log queries on customer portal for tracking

Thus, by identifying the optimal channel based on issue criticality, you can save time and effort in contacting Bajaj Finserv customer care.


Bajaj Finserv offers robust customer support through phone, email, chat, social media, self-help resources and online portal. This enables customers to conveniently choose how to reach out as per their issue and preference. Knowing when and how to use the right channel along with submitting key details further aids quick resolution. With Bajaj Finserv’s responsive care team, you can experience the difference of professional customer service.