Benazir January Kafalat Double Qist Survey for 9,000

Benazir January Kafalat Double Qist Survey for 9,000

Latest Update: BISP is launching QFlat Double Qty 9,000 from 22nd December. Beneficiaries, who are eligible for the program, can easily receive their payment. The Benazir Income Support Program aims to relieve the monetary burden on individuals. The program distributes this quick money to individuals to meet their primary needs. To receive Kafalat Double Qist, you only need to register in the program. Registration can be done easily with the help of your CNIC number.

If you are not eligible for the program, you can directly contact the BISP program through their helpline number, or you can visit your nearest tehsil number.

Benazir January Kafalat Double Qist Survey for 9,000

BISP Cufflat 9000 Double Queue Start

If students complete their registration then they can get कुफ़लाट डॉबल क्यूस्ट worth Rs 9000. Kafalat fund will be distributed to those students whose school attendance is less than 70%. If you want to avail this Double Quest for your children, you must update your child’s bay form before 31st December. After updating the bay form in Kafalat survey, the program officer will send a verification message regarding the survey.

BISP Kafalat is empowering lives through CNIC verification

CNI verification in the BISP Kafalat program is required to determine the individuals eligibility score. The Kafalat program is especially dedicated to needy individuals who cannot easily meet their basic needs. The main objective of starting this program is to empower the lives of the people and create equality in the society. The program is struggling to provide all the needs it needs in the right hands.

Background of BISP Program

The Benazir Income Support Program has been in place since 2008. The first objective was to reduce the poverty level in the society and provide income support to needy persons. This program is specially designed for needy widows, women household heads and persons with disabilities for income generation.

Benazir January Kafalat Double Qist Survey for 9,000Benazir January Kafalat Double Qist Survey for 9,000

CNIC is being verified for registration in BISP

To register in the program, checking the CNIC for eligibility score is an essential step. The program offers multiple methods for registration, including online registration through the BISP official website or tehsil centres. Some steps for registration guide are:

online verification

  • Visit the official web portal of Benazir Program
  • Enter your valid CNIC number
  • Enter your mobile number
  • You will receive a confirmation message from the program

offline verification

  • Visit your nearest Tehsil office
  • Provide the program with your CNIC number and other required information
  • The program officer will let you know about your eligibility score

eligibility criteria

To register yourself in the program, you must meet the essential criteria of the program.

  • low profit level
  • household size
  • Pakistani citizen

Importance of CNIC in BISP

CNIC number is a mandatory part of the BISP program application. This is required for per person biometric verification. The program is working hard to ensure that individuals in need can take advantage of this opportunity. Hence the program has introduced CNIC registration technique for verification records.


BISP program is working hard to reduce poverty. The program has stringent checkpoints for verification by CNIC verification. The program has launched a Qaflat double installment of Rs 9,000 for individuals.