Big news: BISP cashes transgender people

Big news: BISP cashes transgender people

BISP CASH Transgender Program: Supporting Transgender Communities

Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) has launched an important initiative to assist economically vulnerable groups, with a special focus on assisting transgender persons, who are often in dire need of financial assistance. Recognizing this need, the Government of Pakistan has implemented new measures within the BISP framework to ensure access to financial assistance for transgender people.

The launch of BISP CASH Transgender Program is aimed specifically at catering to the needs of transgender persons. BISP tehsils are actively engaged in registering transgender persons, streamlining the registration process for their benefit. To facilitate ease of registration, the government has designated Saturday as a special day for transgender persons to visit their nearest tehsil office and complete their survey. The initiative seeks to minimize any potential challenges faced by transgender persons during the registration process.

Transgender Masawat Programme:

During a recent meeting, BISP Chairman Dr. Amjad Sajid highlighted the program’s dedication to assisting families who benefit from BISP. In particular, significant efforts are underway to enhance payment and registration systems. The meeting underlined the importance of accepting transgender people as integral members of our community, emphasizing the commitment to inclusivity within the BISP initiative.

The purpose of this summary is to highlight key points regarding the BISP Cash Transgender Programme, highlight the Government’s efforts to provide financial assistance to transgender individuals and the inclusive approach adopted within the Benazir Income Support Programme.

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