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Bisp Upcoming Tranche 10500:

Ehsaas Talimi Wazifa is a government-run scholarship program that provides financial assistance to poor and deserving students in Pakistan. The program is administered through the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP).


To be eligible for Ehsaas Talimi Wazifa, students must fulfill the following criteria:

  • be a Pakistani citizen
  • Be enrolled in a public or private school in Pakistan
  • be from a low income family
  • Have minimum 70% attendance

BISP Latest Today New Update:

Assalam Alaikum viewers, I am going to give you a new update regarding the next episode Benazir Income Support Program That when will you start getting this next episode which will be Rs 10500 and I will also tell you when you will start getting education scholarship for children and apart from that, I will also tell you from where you will get this money. The amount of this installment has also been increased, earlier you used to get this installment of Rs 8500 once and then for the second time you used to get an installment of Rs 9 thousand, but now the amount given in this installment has been increased. Rs 10500 has been increased to Rs 500 and apart from this the amount of educational scholarship has also been increased. It has been increased and it has also been increased by Rs 500 and the arrangement of the development program is such that whichever woman registers, she is given her money and nutritious food at the same time. And when their three months are completed, then they go for check-up, then they are also given their second installment, that is, the system is such that it is given only to the one who has the due date. The money is given by checking on the date and this Rs 500 has been added, so now those women get the money in increments of Rs 500 whenever they take their money. BISP in Pakistan

bisp upcoming trench 10500bisp upcoming trench 10500
bisp upcoming trench 10500

Talemi Scholarship Start 2024:

But these education scholarships are more Benazir Sponsorship Program, So the money they have is given to the regular beneficiaries together, so now a plan is being made to release the money and soon this money will be given to you. Now I will tell you the date and also tell you from where you will get this money, i.e. like earlier I gave you this money through ATM and through payment center. What used to happen was that later the ATM machines would get closed and you would get this money from payment centers only, now what is happening is that the government is preparing to release this installment. First of all, if the ATM machine has been fixed and money can be obtained through the ATM, there is now a 90% chance out of 100 that, God willing, this next installment will be credited to you at the payment center as well. But will also be given. ATM. You will also be able to withdraw money from the machine. This is fine and in a few days it will be confirmed whether the ATM machine is fixed or not and whether you will get this money from the ATM or not. Yes, this is not a confirmed update. When we get the confirmation update, we will inform you Inshallah, but chances are that you will get this installment from ATM and also from payment center. Now let’s talk about when this installment will be. Will be released and when will the children’s money be released, which is the installment of Rs 10500 of Benazir Kafalat Program, hopefully, God willing, this installment will be released between 20 to 25 February and between 20 to 25 February , you will be able to get these installments. Now we are talking about children’s education scholarship, so it is also possible to get children’s education scholarship. If the episode is going to be released in the last month, then the children’s double installment should be released along with it and if not, the children’s double installment should not be released along with the last episode of February. Then here. There is a possibility that educational scholarships for children will also be released in the beginning of March. What is there is not confirmed yet and it is expected that it will be released with the same installment and if for some reason it is not released then Inshallah education scholarship for children will also be released in the early days of March. Wait until there is a confirmed update, InshaAllah I will keep you updated dynamic survey 8171

bisp upcoming trench 10500bisp upcoming trench 10500
bisp upcoming trench 10500

BISP increases Kafalat stipend:

You are right! Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) has recently increased the Kafalat stipend amount. Here’s a summary of the update:

  • increase: Quarterly stipend has been increased from Rs. 8,750 to Rs. 10,500, which represents a 20% increase.
  • Beneficiary: This increase has benefited more than 9.2 million women from disadvantaged families across Pakistan.
  • Effective date: The first quarterly payment at the new rate was released in February 2024.

Apart from the Kafalat stipend increase, BISP also announced increased amounts for other programs:

  • Benazir Talimi Duty, Supports education by providing scholarships to school going children. The amount has been increased for primary, secondary and higher secondary levels.
  • Benazir Nashonuma: It aims to address stunting among children under two years of age by providing stipends to pregnant and lactating mothers. The stipend amount has also been increased with more money being offered in flood affected areas.

I hope this information is helpful! Would you like to know more about the BISP program or the Kafalat stipend increase?