Big news: Role of Ehsaas Nashaunma SMS code in providing nutritional support to vulnerable communities

Big news: Role of Ehsaas Nashaunma SMS code in providing nutritional support to vulnerable communities


Role of Experience National SMS Code

Malnutrition remains a serious problem in Pakistan, adversely affecting thousands of adolescent girls and pregnant women. In response to this challenge, the Government of Pakistan took the initiative Realize the role of national SMS code, Designed to enhance the dietary well-being of interested communities.

scope of malnutrition in pakistan

Pakistan is facing a dire situation of malnutrition, with approximately 40% of adolescents under 5 years of age being stunted, indicating persistent undernutrition. Additionally, approximately 22% of pregnant women suffer from anemia, highlighting dietary deficiencies that loom large across this demographic.

Ehsaas Nahonuma

Launched in 2020 Ehsaas Nahonuma The app uses a holistic approach to fight malnutrition. It gives priority to pregnant women and youth under the age of two, providing them with vital vitamins and placing an emphasis on organizing business conversations to promote healthy practices.

SMS Codes in Ehsaas Nashonuma

a tremendous factor of Ehsaas Nahonuma The application uses SMS codes. Each beneficiary receives a special code that can provide access to personalized dietary guidance, fitness education and an interactive voice response system for criticism redressal.

Guidance through SMS code

Beneficiaries receive specialized dietary advice, including meal planning recommendations and guidelines for including different food groups. This personalized guide enhances dietary intake and promotes more healthy consumption habits.

Role of Experience National SMS Code
Role of Experience National SMS Code

The SMS code gadget transmits essential data on hygiene, breastfeeding and management of frequent childhood diseases. By empowering beneficiaries with knowledge, the application enables them to make informed decisions related to fitness and wellness.

sms code The mechanism allows beneficiaries to lodge problems related to ration distribution and application implementation, thereby ensuring transparency and accountability. Additionally, it serves as a platform to unite neighborhoods, facilitating the dissemination of records about things to do and fostering collective engagement.

Impact and future potential

Early assessments point to high quality impacts attributable to Ehsaas famous program, This includes reduction in stunting fees and better focus on healthy practices among beneficiaries. To maximize its impact, similar integration with digital systems and collaboration with neighborhood stakeholders is possible.


Role of Experience National SMS CodeSMS, with its revolutionary use of codes, represents a promising strategy to address malnutrition in Pakistan. By empowering men and women with information and resources, the software lays the foundation for a healthier and more prosperous future for potential communities.

questions to ask

What effect does malnutrition have on the recovery of children?

Malnutrition can hinder physical and cognitive improvement in children, leading to stunted growth, cognitive impairment, and increased susceptibility to infection.

What are the main objectives of Ehsaas Nashanuma Programme?

The software aims to improve dietary popularity of vulnerable communities, especially pregnant women and young children, through the provision of vital vitamins and fitness education.

How do SMS codes contribute to the effectiveness of the program?

SMS codes allow beneficiaries to access customized dietary guidance, fitness education and grievance redressal services, thereby improving engagement and facilitating behavior change.

What steps can be taken to equitably increase dietary outcomes for communities of interest?

continued efforts to promote Ehsaas famous program, Increasing coverage, improving word-of-mouth exchange strategies, and fostering partnerships with neighborhood stakeholders can contribute to similar upgrades in diet-related outcomes.

How can people support initiatives like Ehsaas Nashanuma?

Individuals can assist such initiatives by raising awareness, advocating for policy changes, volunteering with enforcement organizations, and donating to applicable causes.