Big Update How to Register for 15000 Ehsaas Program Scholarship

Big Update How to Register for 15000 Ehsaas Program Scholarship


Ehsaas Program Scholarship:

The Ministry of IT and Telecommunications in Pakistan has launched a massive effort to train 15,000 interested Pakistanis in the latest technologies. This collaboration with certification experts under IT enterprise capability in expertise technologies and platforms program’ It aims to provide college education in blockchain, computer learning, synthetic intelligence, cyber security and other fields. The software not only seeks to bridge the gap in digital capabilities but also seeks to establish Pakistan as a hub of innovation and technological development.

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Empowering youth and women through special training:

The app focuses on the formative years of the United States and empowering women with capabilities indispensable to the rapidly evolving technological landscape. The coaching curriculum spans across multiple sectors, including digital currency, cloud computing, e-health, DPO, agriculture and other emerging sectors. It aims to domesticate the technology of tech-savvy individuals who are successful in contributing to monetary boom and technological advancement.

Ehsaas Program Scholarship:
Ehsaas Program Scholarship: Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Program

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Master Trainer and Industry Collaboration:

To ensure the effectiveness of the application, the Ministry has put in place a robust framework, which includes collaboration with Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) and educational institutions. This includes the introduction of 300 master trainers with understanding in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing. These trainers will play an important role in developing human resource programmes, curriculum and carrying out practical training.

How to Register for ₹15000 Ehsaas Program Scholarship 2024?

A high-level guidance committee, comprising representatives of the Pakistan Software House Association and various stakeholders, will inform the implementation of the programme. This committee will monitor the solution of coaching partners, trainers, courses and their duration. The Ministry is dedicated to aligning application outcomes with certification requirements and the broader economy, involving key players from multiple sectors.

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Master Trainer and Industry Collaboration:Master Trainer and Industry Collaboration:
Master Trainer and Industry Collaboration:

Data-Driven Decision Making:

The program’s methodology is based on in-depth research and analysis, including an enterprise survey to examine the demand for knowledgeable experts across multiple sectors and technologies. These facts will inform requests for proposals focused on companies with strong study governance structures successful in providing better training, including online participation options.

Investment and future prospects:

The ministry has allocated Rs 2 lakh for the initial phase. Program, To emphasize the government’s dedication to creating a professional pool of workers for the digital age. On successful completion of the training, 2500 trainees will undergo internship in IT organizations for three months with the assistance of monthly stipend to hone their capabilities for real-world applications.

Ehsaas Program Scholarship New Update:

When Ehsaas Scholarship Program It has been closed for a short time and is expected to reopen soon. The officials have not announced any ongoing applications offering the scholarship of Rs 15,000, but the updates suggest a threat to the scholarship in the future.

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Data-Driven Decision Making:Data-Driven Decision Making:
Data-Driven Decision Making:


The launch of IT Enterprise Capacity Building in Specialization Technologies and Platforms Program represents Pakistan’s determination towards technological specialization. By empowering 15,000 people with capabilities in emerging sectors, the government aims to not only address the current skills gap but also lay the foundation for a tech-driven future. Through collaborative efforts, strategic planning and data-driven insights, the application seeks to position Pakistan as a major player in the world technological knowledge arena.