BISP 3 New Good Updates 2024 Ehsaas Program 8171 Survey

BISP 3 New Good Updates 2024 Ehsaas Program 8171 Survey


BISP 3 New Good Updates:

Ehsaas Program 8171 Survey It is a nationwide survey conducted by the Government of Pakistan to identify and register low-income households. The survey is being conducted by the National Socio-Economic Registry (NSER), a database of all households in Pakistan.

The survey collects information on a variety of factors including household income, expenditure, assets and demographics. This information is used to determine eligibility for government assistance programs such as the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP).

The survey is being conducted in two phases. The first phase, which began in October 2023, focused on 154 districts across Pakistan. The second phase, starting in January 2024, will focus on the remaining districts.

To register for the survey, you can visit the nearest Ehsaas center or call the Ehsaas helpline 8171. You need to provide your CNIC number, phone number and address.

If you are already registered with NSER, you do not need to register again for the survey. However, if your information has changed you should update it.

The survey is an important step in the government’s efforts to provide targeted assistance to low-income families. By collecting accurate information about these families, the government can ensure that aid is reaching those who need it most.

BISP 3 New Good Updates 2024:

Assalam Alaikum, going to share the viewers with the latest and new updates Benazir Income Support Program, There are also three good news for Benazir Income Support Program in the new year 2024. When will your children’s money come and what is its last date? 8171 surveyWhen can you do your survey and from which day the new payment of nine thousand rupees is starting, I will share complete information with you at that time. The latest big news is that as soon as the new year has come, we were waiting for the arrival of 2024, so now that wait is over, because the month of January has come and the government has released the scholarship for children in this month. Has also started. Of January. What date has been fixed for what to do, but let us tell you that this month is considered important for 8171 surveyors and should the survey of people be stopped completely in this month or should a new date be fixed again? ? If it is given, then let us clear you, different phases have been made by the government, phase one to three, four, maybe even five, so under this you are being surveyed under the survey. 8171 program And this survey is conducted regularly in Benazir Income Support Program Office

bisp 3 new good updates
bisp 3 new good updates

Ehsaas Program 8171 Survey:

First of all you have to take a token, after the token you will be surveyed. They told you before what things you need, but now they’re telling you again what things you should bring with you. In which electricity bill or gas bill, your ID card number, your mobile number, if you have children then you will have to take their bay form with you, only then the survey of 8171 will be completed. If you go then your problem will not be solved now because the last date has been fixed as 31st January of this month, after that people will become ineligible. It is to be released in the first week of January, but what happens is that the date is postponed, just as there is a delay in the installments, in the same way the date of receipt of children’s allowance is also postponed. Back and forth by the government. While children will get a payment of Rs 9000 on getting stipend, 8500 people will also get Rs 9000 this time and it will be mandatory. Ehsaas Program NADRA

bisp 3 new good updatesbisp 3 new good updates
bisp 3 new good updates

Ehsaas Program Registration:

Ehsaas Program The Government of Pakistan has a social security program that provides financial assistance to the poorest sections of the population. The program provides a variety of benefits, including cash transfers, food assistance, and access to health care and education.

To register for the Ehsaas programme, you can either visit the Ehsaas center or register online. If you are registering online, you will need to provide your CNIC number, mobile phone number and bank account information.

8171 Registration:

You can also register for the Ehsaas program by sending a text message to 8171. To do this, simply type the following message and send it to 8171:

For example, if your CNIC number is 351234567890, you would send the following message:

You will receive a reply message from 8171 confirming your registration and providing information about your eligibility for benefits.

NADRA Registration:

If you are already registered with NADRA, you can also register for the Ehsaas program through the NADRA website. To do this, simply visit the NADRA website and click on “.”Ehsaas Program” Adding. You will then be able to register for the program using your NADRA credentials.

Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

If you are located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, you can register for the Ehsaas program at the following locations:

  • Ehsaas Centre, Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam, Lahore
  • Exercise Centre, Gulberg, Lahore
  • Ehsaas Centre, Model Town, Lahore

For more information you can also call Ehsaas helpline 0800-786586.


To be eligible for the Ehsaas Programme, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be a Pakistani citizen.
  • Your household income should be below the poverty line.
  • You must have a valid CNIC card.


The Ehsaas program offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Cash transfer up to Rs. Rs.25,000 per family per year.
  • Food assistance, such as ration cards and food packages.
  • Access to health care, such as free health insurance and free medical treatment.
  • Access to education, such as free school uniforms and school supplies.


The Ehsaas program is a valuable resource for the poorest segment of the Pakistani population. If you are eligible for the program, you should register to receive the benefits you are entitled to.