BISP Cash New Registration for Transgender People

BISP Cash New Registration for Transgender People


BISP CASH Transgender Program

BISP Cash Transgender People: Benazir Income Support Program has taken an important initiative to help low income groups, it is constantly more beneficial so that transgenders can also get help from this program as they are in most need of financial assistance, Pakistan The government has introduced new measures to support transgender people, including ensuring they have access to cash.

To help the transgenders, BISP Cash Transgender Program has been started and BISP Tehsil is also working for the registration of transgenders so that they can easily register themselves, Government of Pakistan has scheduled a special day for transgenders to contact their nearest You can go to the tehsil office on Saturday and get your survey done. The purpose of keeping this special day is to make it easier for transgenders so that they do not have to face any problem.

Transgender Masawat Program

In a recent meeting, BISP Chairman Dr. Amjad Sajid claimed that he is working day and night for the families benefited from BISP. Many steps are being taken to improve the payment and registration system. It was also discussed in the meeting that transgender people are also a part of our community.

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She also needs help from the BISP program and announced that Khawajasra Benazir can go to her nearest tehsil office on Saturday to register for the Benazir Income Support Programme. To register in this program, transgenders will have to submit all their documents to Benazir’s office and get the documents verified.


registration process

One of the most important things before enrolling for the BISP program is that you need to get your National Identity Card verified by NADRA and then go through the steps given below.

  • You must present your national identity card
  • And as a transgender, national identity card will have to be made.
  • in which your penis is visible
  • After that, you have to visit your nearest tehsil office to endorse the eligibility
  • You will have to go there and get your survey done.
  • When you have completed your dynamic survey
  • Then you just have to wait for the message 8171
  • That message confirms registration
  • and contributes to your monthly sum

Documents required for new registration

At the time of registration some documents are required which have to be submitted to the Tehsil office.

  • Your CNIC which is registered with NADRA
  • Your household documents such as electricity and gas bills
  • A recent photo of you
  • and you identify as transgender

eligibility criteria

The Benazir Equality Program allows only those transgender beneficiaries who are eligible to receive financial assistance from this program and who have a CNIC as transgender identified by NADRA and must have a disability certificate to claim disability.

  • Whose monthly salary is less than Rs 30 thousand
  • And no one in the family has a government job
  • A registered SIM must be on the national identity card
  • Your PMT score must be less than 40%


The objective of launching Benazir Income Support Program is to provide financial assistance to the weaker sections of Pakistan. The Government of Pakistan has established Tehsil offices for the convenience of the people where they can easily go and register themselves.

Pakistan government has fixed Saturday as the day for BISP cash transgender people, they can go to their nearest tehsil office on Saturday without any problem. You can do your survey after doing the survey you will receive an SMS on 8171 after which you can get financial assistance every three months.

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