BISP Pay Hike: Latest Update for 2024

BISP Pay Hike: Latest Update for 2024


BISP Payment Increase:


In the latest 58th Board meeting of Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), Federal Minister Shazia Marri introduced the 25% extension in stipend and accepted the account details of the beneficiaries. This improvement in cash assistance will be transferred directly into their bank accounts, with a pilot rate model being rolled out in four selected districts. Following the success of the pilot, beneficiaries across the country can open bills with the financial institution of their choice to receive the funds.

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Main idea:

Stipend Increase and Approval:

During the meeting Chairperson Ms Shazia Mary confirmed 25% increase in stipend, increasing the monthly assistance from Rs seven thousand to Rs 8,750.

Facility in remote areas of Balochistan:

The board allowed the use of mobile devices to register people in Balochistan and other remote areas where it is challenging to get ISP facilities. Balochistan is given special interest due to its geographical challenges.

New Registration Process:

The Board is aware of the Dynamic Registration method for National Socio-Economic Registration (NSER), 575 facilities are already operational in ISP. Tehsil Office Nationwide. An internship program for fresh graduates to work with BISP was also approved.

BISP payment increase
BISP payment increase

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Board meeting participants:

Notable attendees Protected Dr. Ashfaq Hasan Ms. Qaiser Bengali Sania Rafat, Secretary BISP, Minister Yousuf Khan, Secretary Bas Ghafran, Shri. Shri Haris, President, NADRA; Ms. Tariq Malik, Additional Secretary, Economic Affairs Division; Samar Ehsan, and Additional Secretary Finance Aamir Mehmood.

BISP Quarterly Payment Update:

The BISP software has increased the collective installment from Rs 7,000 to Rs 8,750 till January, besides disbursing Rs 8,500 in March and Rs 9,000 in April to June. The budget for BISP has been increased from Rs. 250 billion to Rs. Four hundred billion, which represents an increase of 60%.

Inclusion of transgender women:

Transgender women are now fully included in the Benazir Kafalat programme, without the need for a PMT rating. They can register here Rare And get financial assistance.

BISP Social Security Accounts:

BISP is introducing Benazir Social Security Accounts, allowing eligible women to open bank loans at any bank to access money from the program.

Restoration of assistance:

financial help from the bishop, What once had suddenly stopped has now started again. Resources have been increased, and more eligible people are being brought into the program.

BISP Monthly Payment Update for 2024:

for the present the bishop Enrollees are no longer receiving registration messages, a new mechanism has been added to provide pricing information, ensuring success in all circumstances.

Board meeting participants:Board meeting participants:
Board meeting participants:

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Bishop’s continued efforts to promote and increase access to economic aid underline his dedication to reducing poverty and empowering deserving individuals across Pakistan.