Breaking News: Health Comfort Program

Breaking News: Health Comfort Program


health care programLaunched by the Pakistani government in 2023, it is dedicated to providing essential medical and healthcare services to underprivileged Pakistani communities. Funded by the government and managed by the National Health, Regulatory and Coordination Service, the program aims to bridge the health care gap for individuals from poor backgrounds.

This microinsurance healthcare initiative operates as a cost-free service, catering to the medical needs of individuals who lack the means to afford proper healthcare. Health programs serve as a cornerstone in advancing social welfare, targeting needy citizens who often struggle to access adequate health care without facing financial barriers. The primary goal is to ensure that these individuals can access essential medical services without enduring financial hardships, thereby promoting improved social well-being within these communities.

Eligibility Criteria for Health Card worth Rs 8500:

The Government of Pakistan has established specific eligibility criteria for the SEHAT program, aimed at reducing the risk of fraud and ensuring that targeted benefits reach the most needy individuals. To register for Sehat Sahulat Program (SSP), applicants must meet the following criteria:

1. Citizenship: Applicant must be a permanent citizen of Pakistan.
2. NADRA Registration: Registration with NADRA and possession of a valid Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) is mandatory for eligibility.
3. Income Limit: The applicant’s household income must be below the poverty line to qualify.

Sehat Insaaf Card Price 8500:

Sehat Insaaf Card enables individuals to get free treatment in hospitals. In cases where individuals are suffering from serious illnesses but lack the financial means for treatment, they can apply for a Sehat Card and receive free medical care in public or private hospitals under this program known as Sehat. Known as Facilitation Program.

Here are the steps to determine eligibility and get a Sehat Insaaf card:

1. Check Eligibility: To check your eligibility for the program, send your 13 digit CNIC to 8500.
2. Confirmation: Upon receiving your CNIC details, the officials will confirm whether you meet the eligibility criteria for the program or not.
3. Card Collection: If you are considered eligible, you can collect your Sehat Insaf Card from the Card Distribution Center in your district.
4. Documents Required: It is necessary to carry your CNIC while collecting the Sehat Insaaf Card.

Following these steps will help individuals obtain the Sehat Insaaf Card to ensure their eligibility and access health services under the Sehat Sahoolat program.