Confirmation of 9500 Benazir Talimi Scholarship for January

Confirmation of 9500 Benazir Talimi Scholarship for January


The long awaited confirmation of Rs.95000 Benazir Talimi Scholarship has finally arrived, bringing joy to countless students and parents across the country. After six months of waiting, the government successfully transferred the scholarship amount to the mothers’ accounts, completing the withdrawal process. This article will address the details, common questions, and concerns of this confirmation.

Background of Benazir Talimi Scholarship

Background of Benazir Talimi Scholarship

  • A brief overview of the scholarship program.
  • The importance of scholarships to students and families.
  1. Scholarship Confirmation for January:
  • Announcement of confirmation of 9500 Benazir Talimi Scholarship.
  • Timeline: Fund transfer from second week of January.
  1. eligibility criteria:
  • Explanation of eligibility criteria for mothers with three or four children.
  • Description of rights for those who do and do not meet the criteria.
  1. Attendance Requirements:
  • Clarification on attendance criteria (70%) for students.
  • Special consideration for students who have changed schools.
  1. Updating Stipend Information:
  • Importance of updating stipend information on Benazir Income Support Form.
  • Verification process by the government for seamless delivery.
  1. Solution of errors:
  • Addressing errors with Code 938 and government efforts to rectify them.
  • Guidance for individuals facing finger related issues in the verification process.
  1. Payment Collection Point:
  • Information about payment collection from Benazir Income Support Provider offices.
  • Mention of HPL Connect-affiliated stores for payment recovery.
  1. ATM withdrawal status:
  • Update on current status of ATM for scholarship fund withdrawal.
  • It is possible for the government to resume ATM services soon.

FAQs Regarding Benazir Taleemi Scholarship

How can I confirm my child’s Benazir Talimi Scholarship status for January?

You can check the status by updating your stipend information on the Benazir Income Assistance Form, which undergoes government verification.

I have three children, but only one is eligible for scholarship. Why?

Eligibility is based on specific criteria, and only two children per family can qualify. Make sure your children meet attendance requirements.

My child changed schools; Will scholarships be affected?

No, scholarship status remains unaffected for students who change schools. Special considerations exist.

What should I do if I encounter errors during the verification process?

As for code 938 errors, many have been resolved. If you face finger related problems, visit Benazir Income Support Provider office for solution of the problem.

eligibility criteria Eligibility for children
3-4 children, 2 go to school occupation for two children
3-4 children, 1 goes to school Benazir Taleemi Wazifa for One Child
3 children Benazir Talimi Wazifa for all three children


The confirmation of 9500 Benazir Talimi Scholarships for January has come as a relief to families across the country. Eligible candidates should follow the necessary steps to update the information and resolve any issues to ensure smooth disbursement process. Stay tuned for more updates on ATM services and additional payment collection points.