Download AIOU Tutor List PDF

Download AIOU Tutor List PDF


Ranked 1st in SDG 4 for quality education, AIOU has a competent staff of tutors. Hundreds of teachers are appointed by the university for its students. like this aiou tutor list Always organized for different sections. Each tutor is assigned based on his/her skills.

aiou tutor list Constantly updated on student profile for Matric, FA, Undergraduate, Graduate and Higher classes. To add more promising quality education, best available teachers are appointed to the new candidates, so that these candidates can learn a lot from these teachers. Tutor List provides assistance when sending assignments and taking workshops.

aiou tutor list pdf

Tutor List is very useful for those individuals who want to check their assigned teachers. You can check this list in different ways. But the easiest way is “My Course”, opened by AIOU enrollment. Teachers of all classes and subjects can be checked on that page. Furthermore, this list also helps in determining the assignment due date and finding out the submission deadline schedule. Verify your tutor and take a screenshot, or click the download button to take a printout with the PDF file.

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Tutor List AIOU Matric

Tutors provide opportunities for AIOU matric students to socialise, share knowledge through stories and promote educational quality. To promote e-learning, AIOU has implemented several strategies at the matriculation level of education, by providing the best education in classes 9th and 10th at the lowest fee structure. Apart from this, Matric’s tutor list also provides online lectures and online assignment writing facility to all the new scholars.

Tutor List FA AIOU

All intermediate students who wish to study from AIOU must submit their assignments to their respective tutors. Therefore, it is mandatory to download a list from their student portal. Follow the same process as we mentioned above to download your tutor list. Moreover, for more information on this topic, you can also visit, where you will get a comprehensive preview.

AIOU Tutor List BA

Bachelor of Arts is an undergraduate degree. All the graduating students are from different parts of the country. Therefore it is impossible for everyone to come to the head office in Islamabad. Thus, it is better for students to download their BA Tutor List online from the official website. Additionally, AIOU BA tutors also provide commendable education with an impactful learning environment.

The university has revealed all your tutors in one list. It is possible that all teachers may be different for different codes, or the same for some codes. The University has a proper system of empanelment of instructors to ensure best educational practices. Overall, the university has always emphasized the importance of best teaching practices for its students.

Furthermore, AIOU tutor list provides students access to the name, address and contact number of the assigned instructor. Furthermore, AIOU is ranked 25th globally for quality education enhancing the performance of students in various categories such as excellent teaching, training by workshops, innovation skills etc. Thus, this is a great opportunity to learn from AIOU’s tutors, and this is only possible if you take admission in Allama Iqbal Open University.