Ehsaas Petrol Card Online Registration Starts again-Sasta Petrol 2024

Ehsaas Petrol Card Online Registration Starts again-Sasta Petrol 2024

They have re-launched the Ehsaas Petrol Card online registration program, and it is called “Cheap Petrol, which means economical petrol. Let’s find out what this means for you, how to sign up and who can benefit.

Introduction to Ehsaas Petrol Card

Ehsaas Petrol Card is a special card of the government. This makes petrol cheaper for you. Petrol is the fuel you put in your car or motorcycle. Sometimes, the price of petrol can be very high, and this is difficult for many people. Therefore, the government wants to make it easier for you to buy petrol without spending much.

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registration process

  1. send a text message

Signing up is now very easy. You can use your mobile phone to join. Simply send a text message with your details to a special number. In this way, every person with a mobile phone can get help with the cost of petrol.

  1. ng station can help

Some special petrol stations (called NG stations) can also help you sign up. You can go there in person or do it online. They want to make sure you get cheap petrol, what they call “Cusa Petrol”.

future expansion

The government has big plans. They want to help you save money on other important things you purchase. They will also give Rs 2,000 every month to some people for petrol help. This is very good news for those who use motorcycles for commuting.

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eligibility criteria

You may wonder if you can get this help. Here are the rules:

  • You must be from a middle class family.
  • Your monthly income (money received every month) should be less than Rs 20,000.
  • You should not work for the government.
  • You can join this even if you are not in other government programs.
  • If you already receive food or money help from the government, you can join.
  • Your poverty score must be low.

Cheap Petrol Cheap Diesel Scheme

Because petrol prices have increased, the government wants to help motorcycle owners. They will give him Rs 20,000. He talked about this in a meeting recently.

future expansion

cheap petrol scheme portal

In the latest news, prices of petrol and diesel have increased. Petrol costlier by Rs 14.91, high speed diesel costlier Rs 18.44 too expensive. With these changes, the Ehsaas Petrol Card program has become even more important in helping you save money on fuel.

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The government is working hard to help you save money on petrol. They have relaunched the Ehsaas Petrol Card online registration, and it’s all about making petrol more affordable, or “Cheap Petrol”. This is very good news for those who have to buy petrol for their vehicles. The government also plans to help you save money on other things you buy. They want to improve everyone’s lives and ensure that no family goes hungry or remains poor. If you qualify, don’t wait – sign up and start saving money on petrol today!