Ehsaas Program for Persons with Disabilities Registration 2023

Ehsaas Program for Persons with Disabilities Registration 2023


For Ehsaas Program Registration disabled person It is a major initiative of the Government of Pakistan on social security, in which Rs. 2,000 monthly benefits and savings bank account facility for 70 million eligible families across the country. Government of Pakistan is expanded on the occasion of special persons in December 2020 Realized failure of individual’s policy, every family has one Special person Monthly scholarship will be given to special people in Pakistan to improve their lives.

All special (disabled) persons are informed to register with Ehsaas/BISP Program to receive monthly financial assistance from Government of Pakistan. Your disability status must be included in your CNIC for proper registration. If you feel any problem, contact the government representative and discuss your issues.

20 million families of at least one special (disabled) person across the country will benefit special people. This spirit believes in embracing the special people of the society and access to equal opportunities. You can know your registration process through this NSER survey Which is suitable for your family or not.

Ehsaas Program for Persons with Disabilities 2023

Poverty rating for 70 lakh families who are currently eligible under Ehsaas Kafalat Program Is 29%. The proxy means test determines this rating. Under the new Sense Sponsorship Policy for Special Persons, this limit has been increased to 37 for families with at least one special person. These families will now be able to get financial assistance in the spirit of sponsorship. One family will be eligible for the stipend.

How to Register for Ehsaas Program Special Persons 2023

You can join Ehsaas Kafalat as special persons; All persons with disabilities should be registered with NADRA, and when Ehsaas Survey The team comes home and registers their families. Ehsaas Kafalat will include eligible families of special persons through Ehsaas Survey. Ehsaas Registration Desk In all the districts. The process of identifying eligible families through a sensitive survey continues till June.

biometric verification The list of special persons will be created through NADRA database. As per NADRA database, only those persons who are called special persons will be declared eligible. Eligible families should register the specific individuals in the NADRA database as soon as possible and get the card made (disability certificate) To be eligible for NADRA Special Individuals Stipend.

As soon as the eligible special persons are registered in the records of NADRA, the data required to include their families in the Ehsas program The realization will reach the administration through NADRA. Eligible persons who have NADRA certified cards are not required to re-register with NADRA.

Payment will be made through existing sponsorship payment methods. Since the payment system is based on biometric verification, payment will be made to specific individuals under Sense of Sponsorship payment rules.

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