Ehsaas Taleemi Wazifa Payment Start In January

Ehsaas Taleemi Wazifa Payment Start In January


Taleemi Wazifa Payment Start:

Ehsaas Taleemi Wazifa is a government program in Pakistan that provides financial assistance to poor and deserving students to continue their education. The program is administered by the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP).

Ehsaas Taalmi Wazifa New Update:

Assalam Alaikum viewers, in today’s post we are going to give you a very good news. The government is very happy for those families whose children were earlier given money in the form of single and double, but now it has been increased. And let me give you a good news that the government has given great news to those women who used to get 7 thousand or 9 thousand rupees to pay for their children, but now the government has doubled this money and will tell you that you Who is going to get it? This and how much has it been changed? Read the entire post carefully, otherwise you will miss the update. At present, the audience is also circulating on social media that in 2024 the government will make many changes in many programs. Big news Benazir Income Support Program

Taleemi Wazifa Payment Start
Taleemi Wazifa Payment Start

Taleemi Wazifa Payment Start In January:

Let us tell you to the audience that many new assistance programs have been started by the government. Whatever Nazir’s money and children’s installments were, the increase in them is now being seen, now you are going to get double the installment of this children’s installment and in future it will be from the government. Now these news are going on, it is being said that the next installment of the children will be of Rs 14 thousand and this time the installment of the children will be Rs 14 thousand. You are going to get double installment, you have to take care of this and after that you get the child’s bay form updated and also get your survey done so that you can start any new assistance program within 2024. There is a problem with them and you can do your registration or your survey in the normal way BISP New QST 8500 Launching Today

Taleemi Wazifa Payment StartTaleemi Wazifa Payment Start
Taleemi Wazifa Payment Start

BISP 8171 Results Online Using Your CNIC:

Visit the official BISP 8171 web portal:

Enter your CNIC number: Type your 13 digit CNIC number in the specified field.

Enter Captcha Code: Carefully type the code displayed in the image to verify your identity.

Click on the “Check Eligibility” button: This translates to “Check Eligibility”.

View your eligibility status: The website will display your eligibility status for the BISP program.

Additional Ways to Check Your BISP 8171 Result:

  • Send an SMS: Text your CNIC number to 8171. You will receive an SMS with your eligibility status.
  • Call the BISP Helpline: Dial 0800-26477 to speak to a representative who can check your eligibility status for you.

Important Notes:

  • BISP Savings Scheme: If you are from eligible districts (Gilgit, Astor, Muzaffarabad, Neelam, Peshawar, Lakki Marwat, Lahore, Multan, Quetta, Kila Saifullah, Karachi, or Sukkur), you can apply for it. BISP Savings Scheme 8171 by clicking on the link on the web portal.
  • Keep your CNIC handy: You will need your CNIC to check your eligibility through any of these methods.

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