eHunar Online Registration Process Free Online Courses 2023

eHunar Online Registration Process Free Online Courses 2023

eHunar Program has launched a new program that offers free online courses to equip people with marketable skills. This government sponsored program plans to give millions of people a chance to engage in everyday online labor to address concerns about unemployment and support the IT sector. The eHunar program, which aims to reach five million users, is a great step towards inspiring freelancing, e-commerce and many other online possibilities. All Pakistanis can participate in the eHunar program, which seeks to address employment concerns while advancing technology.

eHunar Program Free Online Course 2023

For those looking for work and financial freedom, e-skill The initiative is fast becoming an expectation. It targets multiple industries and aims to maximize youth potential while helping economic growth. Members can benefit from the wonderful hope provided by the online platform by gaining important skills and information. Workers in Pakistan can benefit from exploring multiple online avenues and upskilling through the eHunar program, supporting both personal and social development.

eHunar Kamyab Jawan Program

The Jawan Ehunar Kamiyab program plans to bring achievement to the younger generation in response to Pakistan’s economic difficulties. The program seeks to provide work to the youth as the country grapples with rising inflation and poor job prospects. The program provides participants with the skills needed to thrive in a digital environment by providing the option of free online courses. Those who enroll in the program will get a chance to earn money, which will help them get rid of employment problems.

eHunar Hunarmand Jawan Program

eHunar Hunarmand Jawan Program

In the government’s efforts to increase the number of online work opportunities, the eHunar program for skilled workers has played an important role. First Step aims to help educated people who are having trouble finding jobs by providing 24 complete courses. The initiative aims to bridge the gap between education and economic impact by emphasizing online courses. The government’s support for the IT industry reflects its commitment to developing a trained workforce that can meet contemporary expectations.

eHunar Program Eligibility Criteria

eligibility criteria

To start your eHuner program, you must first meet certain eligibility requirements:

  • Educational Requirement: To participate you must have completed your studies.
  • pass the exams: Passing a prerequisite examination is required for enrollment.
  • Compliance with conditions: Inclusion in the program is dependent on compliance with the above conditions,

List of courses in 2023

  • Web development
  • graphic design
  • virtual assistant
  • drop shipping
  • e-commerce
  • SEO
  • fiver
  • Independent
  • video editing
  • online research
  • video animation
  • voiceover work
  • copywriting
  • customer service
  • audio editing
  • online sales
  • digital marketing
  • Web Design
  • Virtual Editing Plans
  • web research
  • online bookkeeping

How to Apply for eHunar Program 2023?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to apply for the program and what documents you need:

Step 1: Visit the official website Visit the official website of the government program to start your application process.

Step 2: Check your application status Once you reach the website, you will see a blank screen displaying the status of your application. This will let you know how far along you are in the application process.

Step 3: Fill in your information Provide all the necessary information about yourself in the application form. This may include personal details, educational background and any other necessary information.

Step 4: Submit your application Once you have filled all the required information, click on the “Submit” button. This action sends your application to join the Wave program.

Step 5: Joining the Program Congratulations, you have successfully applied to join the program! If you are accepted, you will be part of the eHunar – Free Online Courses 2023 initiative.

Step 6: Log in to your eHunar account If you have been accepted into the program and you are not sure about the next steps, you will need to log in to your eHunar account.

Step 7: Access the Internal Website After logging in, first of all you have to access the internal website. Look for the button or link that lets you access the platform.

Step 8: Enter your credentials On the internal website, you will need to enter your Gmail and password to log in to your profile. This is where you will get access to the program’s resources.

Step 9: Explore the Program Once logged in, you can explore the program. This may include figuring out what code or course to use, accessing learning materials, and more.

This program, known as “Skills”, is designed to provide an internship opportunity where students can acquire advanced skills. People who participate in the program are compensated for their skills, and the education is delivered digitally.

Remember, each step is important to successfully apply and participate in the program. Good luck with your application and journey through the Skills program!

contact information

phone numbers042-37495999
E-mail(email protected)
Head Office AddressSector-B, Askari XI, Lahore 54000
AddressLahore, Pakistan


Finally, the free online courses initiative of the eHunar program promises to address the challenges of unemployment and promote skill development. Through its comprehensive courses and well-structured application process, the program has the potential to empower individuals and contribute to the development of the digital economy in Pakistan. As participants begin their journey through the programme, they are provided with the opportunity to gain valuable skills, enhance their employability and shape a brighter future for themselves and their country.

questions to ask

What is the eHunar program offering?

eHunar program offers free online courses to equip people with marketable skills

Who is eligible to participate in the eHunar program?

All Pakistanis are eligible to participate in the eHunar program.

How can one apply for the eHunar programme?

To apply for the eHunar program, one needs to visit the official website, fill in the personal information, submit the application and if accepted, log in to their eHunar account.

What are some of the courses offered under the eHunar programme?

Some of the courses offered include web development, graphic design, virtual assistant, e-commerce, SEO, freelancing, and more.