Feb 8500 Ehsaas Ration Riyat New PMT Norms

Feb 8500 Ehsaas Ration Riyat New PMT Norms


The month of February has brought a wave of positive changes in the Ehsaas Ration Concession Program of the Government of Pakistan. An exciting news is awaited as Rs 8500 note is gradually going out of circulation. Furthermore, the government is extending its support to those eligible Christians who have taken the examinations, their scores have been revised for inclusion. The move is aimed at providing financial relief to a wide spectrum of individuals who have been diligently undergoing the examinations, making them eligible for the Ehsaas Ration Concession Programme.

New Eligibility Criteria for Ehsaas Rashan Riayat

New Eligibility Criteria for Ehsaas Rashan Riayat

In a notable move, the government is now including eligible Christians who have taken the exam. Previously, individuals spent two to three years or even a year in the examination processes. A recent government decision has seen a reduction in scores, with individuals previously scoring 27, 28 and 32 now falling into the eligible category. The move is set to increase the number of beneficiaries under the Ehsaas Ration Concession Programme.

8171 Survey Form and Eligibility

The introduction of the 8171 survey form marks the beginning of a comprehensive data collection process. Surveyors are actively conducting surveys to identify eligible persons for the Ehsaas Ration Concession Programme. To qualify for the program, individuals must meet specific criteria set by the survey, including a PMT (Poverty Means Test) score of 32. This score ensures eligibility to receive Rs 9000 through the program.

pmt score32
Submitting Survey Form8171
monthly assistance9000 rupees
previous cutoff score40

How are PMT scores determined?

The PMT score is calculated based on various factors including income, family size and other socio-economic indicators.

Can individuals with low marks apply for Ehsaas Ration Concession Programme?

Yes, the government has expanded the eligibility criteria, and individuals with revised scores even below the previous cutoff are now included.

8171 What is the importance of survey form?

The 8171 Survey Form is helpful in identifying eligible individuals for the Ehsaas Ration Rebate Program and ensuring targeted assistance.


The government’s proactive steps in expanding the eligibility criteria of the Ehsaas Ration Concession program reflect its commitment towards inclusion and support for those in need. The introduction of 8171 survey form and revised PMT scores brings new opportunities for a larger population to benefit from the financial assistance provided by the Government of Pakistan. As we move into February, these changes signal a positive change for individuals desperately awaiting support through the Ehsaas Ration Riyat program.