Good news for all registered people BISP will pay in February 2nd

Good news for all registered people BISP will pay in February 2nd


BISP in February 2nd payment:

Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) is a social safety net program in Pakistan that provides financial assistance to poor and vulnerable families. The program was launched by the Government of Pakistan in 2008, and is named after the former Prime Minister of Pakistan. Benazir Bhutto.

BISP Today Latest News:

Aslam Alaikum will share with you three big news related to the audience. Benazir Income Support Program In which information about all the new episodes of BISP coming in the month of February will be shared with you Benazir Income Support Let us share with you the big good news related to the program that the next installment of Benazir Kafalat Program of Rs 9 thousand has been officially announced. . And when this installment will start is also from the office. The update has been released, we will share all this with you in today’s post and will also tell you which families will be eligible for the next installment of Benazir Kafalat Program. Yes, now viewers will tell you which families will be included in the next episode. Benazir Kafalat Program, The next installment of Benazir’s sponsorship will definitely be received and secondly, all those families who had done the dynamic survey of Benazir Income Support Program but have not received any installment yet, then those families should also definitely get this new installment. Will receive and this will be their first installment and along with this, the third place will include those families who have received the first installment. Benazir Kafalat In the month of September and October, after which he received Rs 8500 in the month of December and January. If this is not issued to these people then these people are also going to get this installment of Rs 9 thousand.

BISP in February 2nd payment
BISP in February 2nd payment

BISP in February 2nd payment:

Today we have brought great news for you that Benazir Income Support Program has said that there are many families in our data who are eligible but due to some reasons are not eligible yet. But if they are not eligible then such families will also be included now, so yes viewers let us now tell you that in the upcoming installment Benazir Kafalat ProgramWhich is going to start from Rs 9 thousand. This is the most important update issued by the office that Director General of Benazir Income Assistance Program, Naveed Akbar has released the news on his Twitter account that now the next installment of nine thousand rupees will be released to women in February 2024. , So of course the elections are going to be held in February 2024, with the date being 8th February, so the next installment of Benazir Kafalat may release in the last weeks of February instead of the first weeks, and of course it will be Benazir Income. A very good news has been released by the support program that a lot of people are waiting for it, they don’t know that our episode will also be released, so it was a good news for those people that we share with you. have done

BISP in February 2nd paymentBISP in February 2nd payment
BISP in February 2nd payment

BISP Registration Status using your CNIC:

1. Online:

  • to visit BISP 8171 Web Portal
  • Enter your CNIC number in the specified field.
  • Click on “Search Eligibility” button.
  • The website will display your BISP registration status, including any programs you are enrolled in and your current payment information.

2. Call Centre:

  • Dial BISP Helpline Number: +92 051 111 247 771
  • Provide the representative with your CNIC number.
  • The representative will access your BISP registration information and answer any questions you may have.


  • You can also visit your nearest BISP office in person to check your registration status.
  • BISP also offers a mobile app called “BISP 8171” that allows you to check your registration status and access other program information.

Here are some other things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you have entered your CNIC number correctly including dashes or hyphens.
  • If you are unable to find your registration information online or through the call centre, it is possible that your CNIC is not included in the BISP database. In this case, you have to visit your nearest BISP office for registration.
  • The BISP website and call center are available 24/7.

I hope this information helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.