Great Update Ehsaas One Window Program Registration: Simplifying Social Welfare Access

Great Update Ehsaas One Window Program Registration: Simplifying Social Welfare Access


Ehsaas One Window Program

The Government of Pakistan, in pursuit of social welfare, launched the Ehsaas program in 2019. An important segment of this initiative is “Ehsaas One Window Programme,” Awarded to measure the effectiveness and accessibility of social welfare offerings to citizens. Former Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated the Ehsaas One Window Center in Islamabad on June 19, 2021, consolidating 14 different programs under one roof.

Launch and vision

This software works on the principle that no citizen should be left behind, it aims to ensure that benefits reach every eligible person. The one-window center has a number desk, which also includes a registration center where residents can sign up for any Ehsaas cash transfer program

Components of One Window Program

The main objective of One Window Software is to provide easy access to facts and offers related to government programs like health, education, financial inclusion etc. It acts as a single platform providing unique data about all the realized services and packages.

One Window Program Web Portal

Along with the physical centre, the government launched the One Window Program web portal, making online examination possible for the services. The portal provides easy access to information, online applications, report verification, educational allowances, interest free loans and emergency funding assistance services.

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key objectives

The software focuses on accessibility, aiming to increase access to social welfare services in underserved communities. It emphasizes effectiveness through simplifying managerial processes, reducing bureaucratic hurdles, and ensuring clarity and transparency in fund distribution.

pillars under a roof

The One Window Program operates on six pillars, which address the problems under the programme. These pillars contribute to the standard effectiveness of the programme.

One-stop-shop concept

Historically, gaining access to social welfare packages faced administrative challenges, requiring visits to some offices. Ehsaas’s one-stop store simplifies access to multiple social welfare programs, allowing individuals to apply for more than one program from a single centre.

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digital app introduction

To keep pace with technological advancements, One Window Software added its own digital app. This smartphone utility has the ambition to provide a convenient interface to citizens to access welfare services efficiently.

Ehsaas One Window Program
Ehsaas One Window Program

Profile Management

The digital app allows users to securely create and manipulate their profile, reducing the risk of fraud by ensuring that only eligible people can apply for courses.

Program Information

The app provides specified data about several packages under the Ehsaas initiative, including eligibility criteria and required documents.

application submission

Users can post their applications through the digital app without any difficulty, thereby eliminating the need for physical visits to the centres.

Notifications and Reminders

The app keeps customers informed about important updates and deadlines.

Impact on people in need

The One Window Program has emerged as a beacon of hope for those in need in Pakistan, ensuring that benefits successfully reach those who need them most.

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continuous expansion

As the application continues to expand, it plays a vital role in reducing poverty and promoting a more profitable Pakistan for all its citizens.


In conclusion, Ehsaas One Window Program is a transformative initiative that simplifies the right to access social welfare services. Combining physical centres, internet portals and a basic app, the software ensures that eligible men and women can easily avail the benefits of more than a few government initiatives. As the application expands, it promises to contribute massively to poverty alleviation and creating an extra prosperous Pakistan for all.