Green Fruits Names with their Pictures 2024

Green Fruits Names with their Pictures 2024

Green fruits come in all shapes and sizes. The most widely recognized types of green fruits are apples, pears, and green grapes. Some examples of green fruits with a sharp tart flavor include lemons, cranberries, hard plums and unusual cucumbers.

Varieties of green tropical fruits with pleasant flavors include breadfruit and jackfruit. There are also green fruits like avocados and cucumbers that we would normally consider vegetables.

The green fruits are delicious, however, they are surprisingly firm. Like most fruits, green fruits are rich in nutrients, minerals and fiber, which are essential for good health. In any case, earthy green vegetables also contain large amounts of chlorophyll, vitamin K, folate, and lutein. These minerals support your heart and immune system.

What are the best green fruits to consume? This article lists small green fruits, pointed green fruits, giant green interesting fruits, and notable fruits.

Types of Green Fruits: Presentation

The types of green fruits are divided into five classifications. It has drupes, pomace, berry, citrus and pepo. These assortments include tropical fruits with unique flavors and fruits that we generally arrange as vegetables.

For example, green olives are a type of drupe because they have a fleshy design that surrounds a giant stone. Cucumber is a type of green fruit that develops on a plant and is classified as a berry or pepo. Apple and pear are common types of POM.

Types of Common Green Fruits

Green Apple (Malus domestica)

Green apples are the exemplary green fruit most people take for granted. Some types of apples turn deep red when ripe. Whatever the case, many varieties of apples are different shades of green when ready to eat. Green apples typically have waxy skin surrounded by crisp white tissue.

Apple is a type of pomegranate that grows on trees. For the most part, round green apples have a tarter flavor than red apples. Because they are less sweet, many varieties of green apples are great for eating off the tree or adding to cooking. Their fresh, crisp flavor works well with sharp, rich foods like mature cheddar or adds freshness to sandwiches.

Here is a list of some famous green apples:

  • Granny Smith – These green apples have a tart, practically hard flavor, crunchy tissue and a waxy shine. Similar to traditional fruit desserts, Granny Smith apples are great for use in prepared products.
  • Newtown Pippin – This old green apple has firm tissue with a tart to sweet flavor. Like Granny Smiths, Pippin apples are great cooking apples.
  • Crispin (Mutsu) – Large-sized Japanese apple with yellow-green skin surrounded by tough, crunchy tissue with a sweet flavor.
  • Golden Delicious – Exemplary green apple variety with a light green color that may have yellow markings. Great tasting apples are known for their crisp, sweet white tissue.


There are a large number of pear varieties, a considerable number of which have smooth green skin, sometimes with reddish markings, and a characteristic shape. The base of the pear is usually broad, swollen and the fruit is hard to the end of the stem. When ready, the tissue of a white pear is usually delicate and delicious with a sweet flavor.

The border of the pear defines the surface of the tissue. Some pears have fresh, firm tissue that is great for poaching. Other pear varieties are delicate, with soft tissue in the mouth that is particularly delicious. The Comis pear is the best green pear overall.

Another type of pear is the Nashi pear or Asian pear. These pears are small round bright green fruits or berries that are great to eat. Nashi pears are shaped like apples and have light green to yellow skin surrounded by white tissue.

Green Grapes (Vitis)

Green grapes are small green berry fruits that grow in clusters on plants. Green grapes are commonly referred to as “white” grapes. The shape of grapes is generally elliptical. However, some varieties of green grapes are round, or they may be oval shaped. The Thompson seedless grape is the most commonly eaten green grape in America.

Common green grape classifications include the following:

  • Mustang grapes – A type of hard grape commonly used to make jams, pies, and grape juice.
  • Muscat grapes – small round green grapes with white substance on light green skin.
  • Champagne grapes – small, pea-like green fruits with a sweet flavor and firm skin.

Honeydew Melon (Cucumis Melo)

Honeydew watermelon is a huge round, green fruit with light yellow-green skin and light green sweet tissue. Green honeydew melons are round to oval shaped and 6″ to 9″ (15 – 22 cm) wide for the most part. The internal light green tissue of this delectable fruit contains clusters of numerous yellow-brown seeds.

Delicious honeydew melon has a high water content, consisting of 90% water. Honeydew melons are the best melons you can find. It tastes like yellow melon, without any lingering fleshy flavor. Honeydews are consumed in mixed greens, smoothies or as stand-alone fruits.

Mexican sour cucumber (Melothrea scabra)

Despite the fact that it is called a “sour cucumber”, Mexican small-scale watermelons have a sweet taste when completely ready to eat. The green oval fruits appear smaller than the expected watermelon and are about the size of a grape. Like various plants in the pumpkin family, small green fruits develop on the plants.

Various names for Mexican sour cucumbers include mouse melon, pepaquinos, cucamelon, or Mexican sharp gherkin.

Sweet green oranges (Citrus reticulata × sinensis)

The sweet green orange is an unusual green citrus fruit because its skin resembles a citrus fruit but its tissue is orange, like an orange. Radiant green, the hardness covers the sweet orange sections. The deliciously attractive green fruit is a citrus crossover much like the tangerine.

In warmer locations, sweet green oranges remain green until ripe. In cool environments, the skin of citrus fruits becomes somewhat green and orange, or it becomes completely orange.


Lemons are round green sour fruits with a pungent taste that makes your lips pucker. Green lemons are typically slightly larger than a golf ball, measuring 1.2″ to 2.4″ (3 – 6 cm). Light green skin covers light green citrus segments. Lemon tastes sour compared to lemon.

Most lemon varieties, such as the Key lime (Citrus aurantifolia), have smooth green skin that turns yellow when ripe. Lemon pie has common ingredients, such as key lime pie, or chutneys such as lemon pickle in Indian cooking.

Bear’s lime (Citrus × latifolia)

Also called Persian lemon, this round or oval green citrus fruit is larger than the Vital lemon and has a thick green skin. Bears limes have a better flavor than the famous Mexican limes (Key limes). Persian lemon has a width of 2.4″ (6 cm).

Kaffir Lime (Citrus hystrix)

Kaffir lime is a small round green fruit with rough skin. Kaffir limes will generally be moderately acidic and hard and do not yield much juice. Kaffir limes are commonly used in cooking, where citrus strips are used to enhance Thai curries. The rough green fruits are 2″ (5 cm) wide.

Finger Limes (Citrus australis)

Finger lime is a surprisingly delicious green fruit as it has a thick, somewhat rough skin, round and hollow and has a juicy pearl-like shell. Finger limes are also called “lime caviar”, in light of the round juice vesicles in the green citrus fruit. The green citrus fruits are 1.6″ to 3.1″ (4 – 8 cm) long and tightly pointed.

sour green plums

Sour green plums are round drupes with firm, tart green tissue, covered with gleaming green skin surrounding a white stone. Hard plums are generally too tart to eat fresh. All things considered, the red and green color of these hard drupes are used in cooking to make sauces, relishes and compotes or added to stews to create a tart flavor.

Ugali Fruit (Jamaican Tangelo)

The appropriately named Ugali fruit is an unusual looking citrus fruit with uneven light green skin that turns yellow when ripe. Ugli fruit is of grape size and pear shaped. The taste of the juicy tissue is sour than orange yet better than grapefruit.

Ugali fruit, also known as unique leafy food, is a specific hybrid species of tangerine and pomelo. Accordingly, the wonder fruit is also called tangelo. The herbal name of this huge green fruit is Citrus reticulata × paradisi.


Cranberries are small round or oval green fruits that have an unusually tart flavor. Gooseberries can be red or yellow fruits, yet they are usually light green in color and have a practically straight skin. The tissue of the gooseberry is delicate, containing some small seeds. Gooseberries grow on small thorny brambles. The small oval green berries are 0.5″ (1.2 cm) long.

Osage Orange (Maclura pomifera)

The Osage orange is a round green fruit with a characteristically uneven skin. Osage oranges are the size of a baseball, with an approximate width of 4″ – 5″ (10 to 13 cm). The hard surface of the fruit is yellow-green and covered with tasty yellow tissue. Although Osage oranges taste like cucumbers, they are rarely used for eating.

Green Osage oranges have no relation to citrus fruits. All things being equal, round, rough fruits develop on a bush-like tree in the mulberry family. Variegated names for the Osage orange include support apple or pony apple.