How to Apply Online for BISP New Program of Rs 17000

How to Apply Online for BISP New Program of Rs 17000


Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) has introduced a new program providing financial assistance of Rs 17,000 to eligible individuals. The initiative aims to support those who may have faced challenges qualifying for assistance under the traditional BISP framework.

Who qualifies for BISP New program?

The new program extends its support to individuals who may not be eligible under the existing BISP or have faced rejection or ineligibility in the past. Moreover, married women along with their mother or mother-in-law are considered eligible candidates for this assistance.

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BISP new program?

Unlike BISP, this new initiative provides an alternative pathway for those who were not previously eligible for assistance. Additionally, for those who have previously benefited from BISP but have become ineligible or have appeared for the exam again, this program gives priority to their eligibility, giving them another opportunity for financial assistance.

Notably, this program not only provides the standard Rs 17,000 but also a higher assistance amount of Rs 23,000 to eligible individuals. This increase in financial aid provides more significant assistance to those in need.

Steps to Apply Online for New Program

Step 1: Documentation

If you fall in the category of married women, collect the necessary documents, such as the identity card of your mother or mother-in-law.

Step 2: Registration Process

Visit the nearest health center and locate the registration desk for Ehsaas Nasunoma. Pregnant or breastfeeding women are encouraged to apply at these centres.

Step 3: Application Submission

Submit your application for the program, ensuring that all required information and documents are provided correctly.

Step 4: Online Application

For online applicants, the process involves visiting the designated official website to release the details of the new program and apply through the given online portal.

Benazir Nasunoma Program: Rs 17,000 vs Rs 23,000

There is confusion regarding various financial assistance programs running on social media, especially the mention of the Rs 15,000 programme. The clarification given is that there is no program offering Rs 15,000 in 2024. However, the government has launched bona fide programs providing assistance ranging from Rs 17,000 to Rs 23,000.

Legitimate programs providing financial assistance are under the umbrella of Ehsaas Nashunoma, which provide assistance of Rs 17,000 and Rs 23,000 respectively. The goal of these programs is to support individuals who may not qualify under BISP.


For those who previously faced challenges in accessing assistance through the BISP new program of Rs 17,000 or found themselves ineligible, the new program offering Rs 17,000 and Rs 23,000 respectively provides a promising opportunity for support . By following the steps outlined and ensuring accurate documentation, eligible individuals can access the financial assistance they are entitled to.

For further updates and release of new episodes regarding this program, individuals are advised to visit the official website in January 2024 for more details.