How to withdraw money from frozen account

How to withdraw money from frozen account


Withdrawal of money from frozen account is the biggest problem when you need some urgent money. If your bank account has been frozen then you do not need to worry at all. You can unsecure your account by following some of the steps given here.

There are different reasons for bank account freezing. One reason for this could also be transfer of money from the wrong place. If money comes into your account from an unknown place, your bank imposes some restrictions on your account. You cannot transfer any kind of money through this.

To close your account completely, the bank has to go through several processes, which you may also have to do. So if you are wondering whether your bank account has been completely closed, it may be a wrong idea.

How to withdraw money from frozen account

If you are thinking of somehow withdrawing money from your frozen account then it is impossible. Because the bank always has security in place that makes it impossible to withdraw money from the frozen account until it is restored.

Here are some steps you can follow to withdraw the money:

  • Go to your bank and find out the reason for the bank account being frozen
  • Provide your documents so that the bank can assist you
  • If your account has been frozen due to suspicious activity, you must explain the reason and send a letter through a lawyer stating that you take full responsibility for any such activity.
  • If your account is frozen due to a debt, you will have to pay the debt. After repaying the loan, the bank will reinstate your account.

If your account is blocked through online transaction then you can withdraw money from chequebook. But for this you will have to go to your bank and by going there you can reset your account and activate online transactions.

Why is your account frozen?

There can be many reasons for freezing an account. Bank causes excessive money transfer to your account, logging into the account in 2 places, illegal activity, violation of bank policy and account limit.

Your account may remain inactive for a long time

Many banks do this so that if your balance is zero and you are not using this account, they can close the account without telling you. If your account is closed while there is balance then the bank is responsible for it.

So to solve the problem you have to go to the bank branch and ask the bank about your account details. Keep in mind that if your account is closed, it will not be reopened. You can also open a new bank account.

You may not have repaid the loan you took

If you have taken a loan from a bank and have not repaid it, the bank can freeze your account. Apart from this, if you have borrowed from any prepaid company, then prepaid card companies can also freeze your account by taking a decision from the court.

suspicious activity

If any suspicious activity is seen in your account then the bank can freeze your account. Accounts are frozen due to incidents like excessive money transfers, terrorism from outside the country and money laundering.


If you do not pay tax on time, your bank account may be frozen, after which you will not be able to use your account or make any transactions in it. In such cases, you will have to contact your bank and pay your tax. After paying the tax, it will take 2 to 3 days after which your account will be restored.