User features of the program:

1. Economic Freedom for Prosperity: The program emphasizes economic freedom as a path to prosperity, believing that decent employment is a fundamental right and the responsibility of the state. Addressing inadequate income sources helps reduce psychological problems and reduces the likelihood of increased crime.

2. State’s commitment to economic prosperity: The Government of Punjab has launched an autonomous program through the Punjab Human Capital Investment Project under the Punjab Social Security Authority. The initiative aims to promote economic prosperity in 11 districts of Punjab by providing financial assistance to selected families.

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3. Target Beneficiaries: The program focuses on married couples in the age group of 18 to 29 years with at least one child under 5 years of age in specific districts. These families, who are already receiving financial assistance from the Benazir Income Support Programme, are eligible to participate.

4. Vocational Training and Financial Assistance: Selected families receive financial assets worth Rs 72,000 as well as vocational training. Its objective is to economically empower these families, bring them out of poverty and improve their overall standard of living.

5. Local Verification and Enrollment Process: Local communities verify the eligibility of families connected to the Benazir Income Support Programme. Nomination of individuals for personal employment is done by the housewife.

6. Business Training and Management Session: To ensure profitability of businesses, the program conducts training sessions on running and managing businesses. Better planning is encouraged for lasting success.

7. Community Participation and Inspection: The procurement process is overseen by a committee of local people, ensuring transparency and community participation. Technical support is provided by IRM and NRSP.

8. Responsible Financial Aid Use: The program ensures that the financial assistance provided is used only for relevant individual employment, thereby preventing misuse.

9. Identification through National Registry: Households eligible for assistance in self-employment are identified through the National Susivakna Muk Registry (NSER).

10. Door-to-door registration: The program facilitates door-to-door registration at the tehsil level, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity.

11. “Give, Give, Burn” Philosophy: Success in individual businesses is encouraged through the philosophy of “give, give, burn”, inspiring recipients to work hard for continued success.

12. Youth Employment Focus: An essential objective of the program is to provide employment opportunities for the youth by contributing to overall community development.

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Suggested Occupations:

  1. Industrial House:
    • Offering industrial home services or products that meet specific industrial needs.
  2. Carpenter:
    • Providing automotive painting services for cars, motorcycles or other vehicles.
  3. Barber:
    • Operating a hairdressing salon providing hair cutting, styling and coloring services.
  4. Mobile Repairing Shop:
    • Repairing and servicing of mobile phones and other electronic devices.
  5. Samosa Pakoda Shop:
    • Setting up a shop specializing in selling the popular snacks samosas and pakodas.
  6. Pickle Jam Functions:
    • Production and sale of home made pickles and jams.
  7. Grocery store:
    • Running a local grocery store providing essential household items.
  8. Loader Rickshaw:
    • Providing loader rickshaw services to transport goods within the local area.
  9. Bangles Shop:
    • Operating a shop specializing in selling different types of bangles.
  10. Engraving on ships:
    • Providing engraving services on various vessels and utensils.
  11. Livestock Rearing:
    • Engaging in livestock rearing, such as poultry farming or small-scale animal husbandry.
  12. Tea and a Half:
    • Setting up a tea stall offering a variety of teas and light snacks.
  13. Fruit and Vegetable Shop:
    • I am running a shop selling fresh fruits and vegetables.
  14. Rickshaw Ways & Sekhri Shop:
    • Rickshaw related services, such as providing repairs and spare parts.
  15. Electrician and UPS Service Center:
    • Providing electrical repair services and operating UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) service center.
  16. Welding Shop:
    • Providing welding services for various metalwork projects.
  17. Motorcycle Ironing, Car Mechanic:
    • Providing ironing services for clothes and serving as motorcycle and car mechanics.

These suggested businesses cover a wide range of industries, from service-oriented enterprises like hairdressing and mobile repairing to product-based businesses like grocery stores and pickle making. Consider local demand and your skills and interests when choosing the business best suited to your circumstances.