KPK Ramadan Assistance Program Payment Rs 10000 Eligibility Criteria and Registration Process

KPK Ramadan Assistance Program Payment Rs 10000 Eligibility Criteria and Registration Process


Let us tell you that Governor KPK Ali Amin Gandapur has started distribution of assistance of Rs 10,000 during Ramadan to help the poor. With this you will get Rs 10,000 cash during Ramadan. In this article you can find out who is suitable for this job and who is not.

KPK Ramadan Assistance Program Registration

You do not need to go to an office to sign up for the KPK Ramadan Assistance Programme. KPK Ramadan Support Program team will meet you at your doorstep. If you are suitable for the job, you will be interviewed. You will get Rs. Will meet. 10000 rupees when you sign up for this program. That’s a lot of money for a poor person. With this money he can easily spend Ramzan. This is why Chief Minister KPK Gandapur decided to do so.

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eligibility criteria

People with poverty score less than 30% can participate in the KP Ramadan program. People earning Rs 60,000 per month can easily get a KPK package of Rs 10,000 during Ramzan. People who do not have a big car or a big house in their name but have a large land registered in their name are eligible to participate in this program. If you have not been charged with a crime and are in good standing, you may be eligible for employment. If you are female, you are widowed or disabled. So by enrolling in this program, you can easily get Rs 10,000 from KPK Government during Ramzan.

eligibility criteria ineligibility criteria
Poverty score below 30% Poverty score above 30%
Monthly income ≤ Rs 60,000 Monthly Income > Rs 60,000
No big car or house, but big land ownership Misrepresentation of poverty situation
good standing, no criminal charges
women, widows, disabled

ineligibility criteria

Now we will talk about who cannot participate in the KPK Ramadan Assistance Program. Please note that people with poverty scores higher than 30% will not enroll in the program. They will not get Rs 10,000 during Ramzan. Those whose monthly income is more than Rs 60,000 will not participate in the scheme. Also, the KPK government will not give them a subsidy of Rs 10,000 during Ramzan. People who behave as if they are poor but are not. When his identity was investigated the whole truth about him came out. They will not sign up for these schemes, no matter how much money they have in their name.


Poor people are facing serious problems in KPK. Since inflation is very high in KPK, many of these poor people commit suicide every day. However, they have no option but to reach the conclusion decided by Prime Minister KPK. They will also provide assistance to the poor during the month of Ramzan. Therefore, poor families who are fed up with inflation are also fed up with unemployment. Thanks to these resources they can easily improve their work.

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questions to ask

What is the amount of KPK scheme?

The amount given to poor people will be Rs 10000.

Is it eligible for Punjab residents?

No, it is eligible for KPK residents only.