Latest Big Update 8171 Online Application 2024 – 8171 Ehsaas Program

Latest Big Update 8171 Online Application 2024 – 8171 Ehsaas Program


“8171 Online Application 2024″ probably refers to the Ehsaas program in Pakistan. The Ehsaas Program is a social safety net program designed to provide financial assistance to low-income families and individuals.

Here’s what you need to know about applying online for the Ehsaas program in 2024:

  • Eligibility: To be eligible for the Ehsaas program, you must be a Pakistani citizen and your monthly income must be less than Rs. 30,000. You must also live below the poverty line set by the National Socio-Economic Registry (NSER).
  • Registration: There are two ways to register for the Ehsaas program:
    • Online: You can register online by sending your CNIC number via SMS to 8171. You will then receive a message confirming your eligibility. If you are eligible, you can register online by providing your CNIC number and other personal information.

Bisp New Payment 9000:

Assalam Alaikum viewers are here to serve you with the latest updates of Benazir Income Support Program, in today’s post we are going to tell you how you can get money from Benazir Income Support Program in 2024 because everyone is looking for new Waiting for the episode. Child Welfare Double installment of Child Welfare is about to be released so in today’s post we will tell you the details as well as a bad news for you. There are roughly two types of people who will not be issued payments in 2024. Money will not be transferred to their account. They will also tell you which family they will be. In this post, all the information related to this will be shared with you, the biggest news is being given to you under Benazir Income Support Program, it includes about 17 lakh families who are eligible for it. Benazir Income Support Program But installments are not being released to them. In this regard, many people are commenting that we have done dynamic survey and registration. We are not worthy.

    8171 online
8171 online

8171 Online Application 2024:

Viewers, let us tell you that every year in the month of July, your status changes, those who are new become eligible, those who are not eligible for this program become ineligible, that is, those who have completed the survey. have taken. If six months period is completed then you need not worry if verification is going on then you will be eligible but whose status has changed and become ineligible from verification then such persons will not be eligible till 2024, nor again There is no scope for survey nor repeat payments -payments will also be released to individuals and families who have traveled abroad or have a bank account or vehicle property in their name. In their name or they have become filer, their account has been blocked then such persons will not be eligible again in 2024 and some people have error 938 in their card so they have been blocked. Such people do not need to worry because this error 938 occurs due to repeated thumbs up on the device or someone wrongly thumbs up your name but still you get error 938.

8171 online8171 online
8171 online

New payment of Bisap starts from January 2024:

Viewers should visit the Benazir Income Support Program office to receive their payment. They will not receive payment from the device until their thumb is updated again and you are cleared. Those families who have completed the survey and registration before April need not worry, all the families screened will be included in the regular beneficiaries in July. who are being declared ineligible 8171 web portal or will be disqualified after completion of six months of survey and registration, they will not be released in 2024 and second block account holders who have traveled abroad, have any vehicle registered or have an account in their name, Therefore, money will not be released to both of them. Neither will families be able to conduct a survey in 2024. Waiting for the installment, when will the new installment come to our account or when will the children’s allowance come to the account, so let’s clear the exemption, this time in January 2024 you will also be issued children’s allowance which is the total Children will get a stipend of six thousand rupees, which is double installment, one in June and three in September and three six thousand. Between January 10 and 15, the children’s stipend will be credited to your account and after that, as soon as the process of receiving the scholarship is completed, around the 20th the payment will be Rs 9,000 and that too will be credited to your account.

8171 online8171 online
8171 online

Bisap’s new payment check by CNIC:

BISP, Benazir Income Support Programme, has transitioned from paper checks to biometric verification system for disbursing payments to beneficiaries. This means that you no longer need to deposit physical cheques; Instead, you can withdraw your funds using your CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) at any participating bank or franchise.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Visit BISP partner bank or franchise: Look for a bank or franchise that displays the BISP logo. You can find the list of participating locations on the BISP website or mobile app.

  2. Submit your CNIC: Provide your CNIC to the teller or agent.

  3. Put your thumb impression: Place your thumb on the biometric scanner.

  4. Receive your payment: If your biometric verification is successful, you will be able to withdraw your BISP stipend.

Benefits of the new system:

  • Enhanced Security: Biometric verification helps prevent fraud and ensures that only eligible beneficiaries can access their funds.
  • Facility: You can withdraw your scholarship from any the bishop Partner location, at your convenience.
  • Transparency: You can track your payment history through BISP website or mobile app.

Important points to remember:

  • Make sure your CNIC is valid and up to date.
  • Your thumb impression should match with the thumb impression given on your CNIC.
  • You may be asked to provide additional information, such as your mobile phone number, for verification purposes.

If you have any queries regarding the new payment system, you can contact BISP through their helpline (0800-22000) or visit their website.