Latest Update: BISP Payment for Students

Latest Update: BISP Payment for Students


Benazir Income Support Program (BISP).) has played an important role in assisting needy families in Pakistan, especially in ensuring Talimi Scholarship for education. However, in 2023, some beneficiaries faced difficulties in receiving their stipends, leading to apprehension among eligible families. This article explores the recent developments surrounding delayed disbursements and the measures taken by the Pakistani government to deal with these issues.

BISP 8171 SMS Payment for Students
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BISP 8171 SMS Payment for Students
The third tranche of the BISP program in 2023 experienced setbacks, impacting families dependent on these scholarships for the Talmei Wazaif. This delay prompted government intervention to expedite pending payments, ensuring that critical financial assistance reached eligible families.

New initiative of Pakistan government
To improve delayed payments and address related concerns, the Pakistani government has initiated a number of actions:

1. Instructions to BISP offices
The government issued instructions to BISP offices, encouraging affected individuals to visit these centers to resolve payment issues.

2. Online Portal
A dedicated online portal has been set up by the government to facilitate resolution of payment issues. Recipients can use this platform to resolve issues such as blocked accounts or delayed payments.

3. Pakistan Citizen Portal
The Pakistan Citizen Portal also serves as a channel for individuals to find solutions to their payment concerns. The platform provides beneficiaries with the option to resolve issues remotely.

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The government has put in place a comprehensive strategy to deal with delayed installments and guarantee eligible families receive their entitled Benazir Talimi Wazifa stipend:

1. Settlement of outstanding installments

For those who have missed installments or faced problems such as blocked accounts, efforts are underway to immediately distribute the pending payments.

2. Special assistance for children’s stipend

Eligible children from eligible families will receive a special six-month stipend, especially for those who faced delays in their three-month stipend.

3. Segregation of stipend distribution

The stipend for children will be distributed separately from other installments, ensuring clear and timely payment for educational support.

Payment Process for Students

Recipients who qualify for these stipends will receive regular SMS updates from the number 8171. On receipt of these intimations, recipients can proceed to withdraw their stipends through the specified channels.

in conclusion

The recent challenges experienced by BISP program recipients in Pakistan have triggered prompt government action to ensure eligible families receive their vital support. Through various resolution measures and commitment to disburse pending payments, the government aims to rectify the delayed installments and provide financial stability to the beneficiaries.

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