Latest Update: BISP Payment Receipt 2024

Latest Update: BISP Payment Receipt 2024


Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) is like a help for poor people in Pakistan. Sometimes, there were delays in providing this assistance and this caused concern to many people. This article will tell you the latest news about BISP payments in 2024. We’ll explain when you can expect to receive your support and what’s changing.

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There is extreme heat in some parts of Pakistan and because of this the government has stopped giving money for some time. But if you are waiting for your BISP payment then don’t worry because they are starting to give it again. They are ensuring that those who are eligible for this help do not face problems. They are also ensuring that women who need this help do not have to wait in the hot sun. And guess what, even Benazir, after whom the program is named, can take help from BISP if needed.

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How to get BISP payment

If you are eligible for BISP, you can get your money easily. They have made it simple to join the program and get your support. Just follow a few easy steps, and you will get the help you need.

When will BISP payments resume?

BISP had started giving money, but due to very hot weather they had to stop it for some time, especially in places which did not have good facilities. Ms. Shazia from Muri told us about the problems people were facing. He said that they need better rooms and better arrangements.

But here’s the good thing: When they start giving away money again, they’ll do it well. Like the Ehsaas programme, they will treat people with respect and give them the full amount they deserve. Part of the money you should receive will no longer be taken away.

Monthly BISP Payment

To make things even better, Shazia Muri said that they will give money while people are sitting. This way, they will keep your dignity intact, and you will get all the money that is yours. You will not have to worry that someone will snatch your money.

Monthly BISP Payment

reporting problems

BISP wants everything to be fair and honest. If someone asks you for some part of the money, do not give it to him. Instead, tell the bishop Inform them about this by calling the number given by them. This way your money will go to the right people and no one will cheat you.

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Receive your BISP payment

Good news for eligible women – BISP is providing help again. If you are part of a family that receives assistance from BISP, visit the nearest HBL e-Connect shop to get your money as soon as possible. Or, you can visit the nearest BISP Cash Center to get your payment promptly.


BISP is trying its best to ensure that those who need help get it timely and with respect. Even though there may be some delays due to things like hot weather, BISP is committed to being fair and preventing fraud. Take care to resume BISP payments in 2024 and know that you will get what you deserve fairly and efficiently.