Latest Update: BISP Payment

Latest Update: BISP Payment


Understanding System Functionality

When individuals enroll in BISP, their information undergoes verification at the BISP office. The system carefully evaluates various aspects to ensure that aid reaches eligible recipients.

BISP is committed to assisting those in genuine need by adopting careful criteria to determine eligibility for assistance. This approach guarantees that financial aid reaches those who truly need help.

Accessing Information Through Tracking Systems

The website of the BISP Tracking System serves as a platform for individuals to access details related to their financial aid. By logging in using their unique identification number or card details, users can review their status, payment history and anticipated disbursement dates.

Empowering welfare recipients

Steps to use BISP Tracking System:

  1. Go to BISP website.
  2. Find the section dedicated to tracking.
  3. Register if you are a new user or log in if you are an existing member.
  4. Enter your assigned identification numbers correctly.
  5. Access important information related to your payments and status.