Latest Update Pakistan Government Announces BISP 10500 Program 2024

Latest Update Pakistan Government Announces BISP 10500 Program 2024


BISP 10500 Program:

the bishop 10500 program for 2024 has been brought in tranche with better volumes. This replacement provides additional financial assistance to individuals already enrolled in the BISP program. For those who have not registered yet, the article outlines the online registration methods and eligibility criteria.

BISP Program Online Registration:

For those already registered in the BISP programme, the next installment will see an expansion in the amount. However, if you have not registered yet, the online registration method is the most convenient. Follow these steps to register:

Visit official website:

Go to the legitimate internet site of the bishop Software to begin the registration process.

Check Eligibility:

Verify your eligibility standards and collect all the required details.

Submit information:

Complete registration by submitting your information. If eligible, cash transfer system starts.

Retail Outlet Visit:

Collect your cash by visiting any nearest retail outlet as per the given information.

BISP 10500 Program:
BISP 10500 Program:

New Method Registration BISP 8171:

For registration, men and women can opt for online method, SMS service or visit nearest the bishop Tehsil Office. The eligibility for the 2024 survey has been expanded to include persons with disabilities, widows and eunuchs. Follow these steps to register:

Visit Tehsil Office:

If you are having trouble with online registration, visit the nearest tehsil office for assistance.

Complete Registration Form:

Fill the registration form with the best details and submit it along with the required documents.

Updated data from NADRA:

If you belong to a category like widow or eunuch then change your information from here RareFill out the form, and post.

Eligible Criteria for BISP Program 10500:

The extended amount in 2024 BISP Software is applicable for those who are already receiving Rs. 9,000. Eligibility standards include:

  • Households with a poverty rating of less than 30%.
  • Senior citizens.
  • disabled persons.
  • Special quantity for widows and abused women.
  • Women are the heads of the household.
  • Families in which there is no authority figure.
  • Persons who have less than two acres of land.
  • People who have restricted dollars in their financial institution accounts.
  • Who have never traveled abroad.

Latest Updates for BISP Programme:

In current updates, the bishop The software has improved the quantity from Rs. 9,000 to Rs. 10,500 in 2024 installment. Those already registered will get additional Rs. 1,500.

Eligible Criteria for BISP Program 10500:Eligible Criteria for BISP Program 10500:
Eligible Criteria for BISP Program 10500:


BISP application volume increased from Rs. 9,000 to Rs. Rs 10,500 for 2024 installment is a big step by the Government of Pakistan. This application remains an important source of support for poor families, providing financial assistance to meet their simple needs. Eligible men and women are influenced to register through the BISP program and avail the benefits provided.