Latest Update Pakistan Government Announces BISP Monthly Payment 2024

Latest Update Pakistan Government Announces BISP Monthly Payment 2024


BISP Monthly Payment:

Government of Pakistan, through Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), is ready to distribute monthly assistance amount of Rs 9000 for the year 2024. Starting this Monday, beneficiaries under the Benazir program for 2023 will receive a payment of Rs 9000 each, totaling Rs 55 billion. 7.7 million families benefited from the first quarter installment.

In her announcement, Shazia Murray emphasized that no cuts should be made to BISP assistance, and that strict action will be taken against anyone trying to take maximum advantage of the program.

BISP Registration and Complaints:

Individuals are advised to lodge complaints through the complaint number furnished or by visiting the nearest BISP office. Immediate action will be taken upon receiving the complaint.

BISP messages will be communicated completely 8171 portal; Any other code or SMS received should be treated as fraudulent.

BISP 8171 and Registration Process:

The government has released forty five thousand rupees under this Benazir Income Support Program, Registration can be done at the nearest BISP office for quick disbursement of funds.

After registration, beneficiaries can SMS 8171 to check their eligibility and get guidelines to deposit their installment from the village centre.

The government has allocated a huge amount of four hundred billion rupees to make immediate installment payments to all registered persons.

BISP Monthly Payment:
BISP Monthly Payment:

BISP Tehsil Office and Clearance Process:

more than 600 BISP Monthly Payment There are offices attached to each tehsil in the United States to facilitate registration and provide assistance.

Beneficiaries can complete the registration system at the nearest BISP workplace and consequently collect their installments from the nearest funding centre.

Complaints can be submitted at the BISP workplace or through the helpline provided through the Benazir Income Support Programme.

BISP 8171 Online Registration for 2024:

online registration for the bishop Monthly payment has started. Beneficiaries are encouraged to register without delay to receive the installment of Rs 35,000.

The new announcement of the government ensures the distribution of Rs 35,000, providing necessary financial assistance to all individuals.

BISP Registration Check by CNIC:

Users can confirm their enrollment for the Benazir Income Support Program by dialing their CNIC number to 8171. This allows them to check their eligibility and qualify for the program.

The withdrawal system has been simplified to benefit all participants, with the government increasing the number of beneficiaries from 7 million to 1 crore.

BISP Tehsil OfficeBISP Tehsil Office
BISP Tehsil Office


The BISP monthly payment has allocated four hundred billion rupees for eligible individuals, which includes several support packages such as assistance for widows, orphan maintenance, useful resources for senior citizens, dowry funds and disabled. The registration process remains straightforward, and people are encouraged to visit BISP offices for assistance.

frequently Asked question:

How do I withdraw cash from BISP?

You can easily withdraw cash through thumb verification using your ID card. This method is common to ensure quick disbursement.

What is the new price mechanism for BISP?

Shazia Murray announced that beneficiaries can open bank bills at any financial institution to receive payments, thereby providing flexibility in the withdrawal process.

What is the amount of Benazir Income Support Programme?

The software distributes Rs 3,000 per month, with an additional Rs 8,500 under the Benazir Kafalat programme, with different amounts being issued to each individual.

BISP Helpline Number?

The helpline number to register complaints is 0800264777, ensuring a channel for people to address concerns.

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