Latest Updates About Benazir Income Support Program Payment 2024

Latest Updates About Benazir Income Support Program Payment 2024


The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) is a Pakistani welfare program that provides financial assistance to low-income families. It was launched in 2008 by the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) government, and is named after former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

Benazir Income Support Program Payment:

Assalam Alaikum viewers, let us inform you about the most important information about the new episode Benazir Kafalat ProgramBut at the same time we are going to tell you again about the survey which you heard about on June 30, 2024. There is no need to worry, before that we can conduct our survey again, so let us tell you that the last date for re-survey has been fixed by Benazir Income Support Program as 29th February instead of 30th June. Now you people will have to do your survey before 29th February and only one month is left in this period and let us also make it clear to you that the last date of this re-survey has been set on 29th February only for two types of families. . Who are those families, we are going to tell you clearly in today’s post and at the same time we will also inform you about the big news related to the new installment of the people who earlier used to get the installments of Benazir Kafalat Programme. And now these people will also have to do dynamic survey i.e. survey has become mandatory for these people so should they do the survey before the new episode or after and if the poverty score of the people increases and you are not Benazir Income Support Program How long will you continue to receive Benazir Assistance Program installments and when will you be disqualified? We will share the latest information with you. First of all, let us tell you that due to Benazir Income Support Program, a big joke has been made about re-survey with all the eligible people. Officially news was released that dynamic survey of eligible persons can be done till 30th June, no need to worry before that but now suddenly a new update has been released that now the eligible persons can be re-surveyed. The last date is fixed as 29 February 2024, so let us make it clear that this is good news only for two types of families. But before we clarify you about the new installments, if you do the survey again, you will get this February installment of Benazir Kafal programme, whether you have done the survey earlier or not. Then later but when you people will get this survey again of Benazir Kafalat Program and after that let us assume that you people are not able to maintain the eligibility for Benazir. skull program That is, if your poverty score increases, then in this situation you will be declared ineligible in July 2024 and any installment released before that will continue to be received regularly.

Benazir Income Support Program Payment
Benazir Income Support Program Payment

8171 Dynamic Survey Resume:

Viewers, let us tell you that it can happen that if you people do not do your survey till 29th February and it is mandatory for you people to do the survey before 29th February, i.e. if you belong to these two types of families. then your episodes Benazir Kafalat The program which will be released after 29th February will not be available, so yes viewers, now we are going to inform you about the most important information about the new episode, that Inshallah the new episode of Benazir Sponsorship Program is going to come from 15th February. Will be released, there are chances that the episode will be released even before that and no such update has been released at the moment Benazir Income Support Program That this episode will be released the day after tomorrow. So you people will have to wait till 15th February, Rs. Rs 10500 will be distributed among all eligible families. All those households which had received re-survey messages before 31st December included about 20 to 25 lakh families who were required to re-survey and after 31st December the same date of 31st December was extended till 31st January and thereafter After Benazir Income Support Program also announced the news till 30th June that if you people do your survey again by 30th June then let us tell you that 20-25 lakh families who had received the message before conducting the survey again. It is also necessary for them to get the survey done before 29th February and along with this, there are other families whose number will be around 20 to 25 lakhs, now they will get the first survey message before or within 29th February. These survey messages will reach you again in full in the next one week and those who did not receive the message this time need not worry. So the date of 31st March will be given or the date of 30th April will be given, till then you will get the survey message again and you will be included in this phase but those who will get the message now or the first message will come. They must complete the survey before February 29, otherwise they will be disqualified.

Benazir Income Support Program Payment Benazir Income Support Program Payment
Benazir Income Support Program Payment

BSP Registration Check by CNIC:

Here are some safe and official ways to check your BISP registration status:

1. 8171 Web Portal:

  • go to officer BISP Web Portal
  • Enter your CNIC number without dashes or spaces.
  • Enter the displayed captcha code.
  • Click “Search”.

2. BISP Mobile App:

  • Download the “BISP” app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Follow the instructions in the app to register and check your status.

3. BISP Helpline:

  • Call BISP helpline 8171 (toll-free) from any mobile network in Pakistan.
  • Provide your CNIC number to the operator and ask about your registration status.

4. BISP Regional Office:

  • Visit your nearest BISP regional office in person.
  • Bring your CNIC and ask a staff member to help you check the status of your registration.

please pay attention: Due to security concerns, BISP representatives will never ask you to share your CNIC or other personal information through unsolicited calls, messages or social media. Always be cautious when dealing with anyone claiming to represent BISP.