New updates have been extended in BISP 2024 payment

New updates have been extended in BISP 2024 payment


BISP payment increase

BISP 2024 Payment: According to the latest update from Benazir, BISP Chairman Dr. Amjad Saqib has announced good news for the families in the eighteenth board meeting. The caretaker government has realized that people are very troubled due to rising inflation, hence it has been decided to increase the amount of BISP. Still, if you want to take advantage of this amount, then the BISP amount has been increased from Rs 8500 to Rs 9000. . ,

So get all the documents verified and after verification you can go to your nearest local cash shop and get your money. If you do not get all your documents verified, you may get disqualified permanently, so you have to do your survey in any case. If someone is new and wants to join this program then it is a golden opportunity for him/her. There is an opportunity, he can take advantage of this opportunity. ,

BISP New Registration Process

If you also want to benefit from the BISP program, then you have to register yourself first. The registration process is very easy, you do not need to worry, we will tell you the complete process here, you can easily go and get yourself registered. Nearest Tehsil office for registration.

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Then you just have to wait for SMS 8171 as soon as you get the SMS it will tell you if you are eligible for this program. If you are declared eligible, you can go to the tehsil of your local area and then get your money after getting your biometrics.

Documents required at the time of registration

At the time of registration you need some documents which the representative in the office asks you to submit these documents in the Tehsil office.

  • Original identity card of the applicant
  • Which should be registered from NADRA office
  • CNIC must have a registered SIM in your name
  • Then a list of family information
  • Which includes the number of members in your family
  • and your monthly income certificate
  • Domestic electricity and gas bill

BISP Monthly Payment Update

The Government of Pakistan often receives complaints that families face many difficulties in getting the money. When the eligible person wants to get his money, he has to face many deductions and when the eligible person wants to get his full amount. Well, now you don’t need to worry because the government of Pakistan has solved your problems and decided that now you will be paid by the team through the campsite

And the government is specially visiting all the areas where the payments are being distributed and taking action against the representatives who are receiving extra money at the time of distribution. Apart from this, the survey of all those who were declared ineligible is ongoing. All these steps are aimed at establishing transparency so that BISP funds can reach those who need this financial assistance most.


According to the new update from BISP, the new date of payment distribution has been revealed, which states that the eligible families will start receiving the Benazir Income Support Program from January 1. If you have received an SMS through 8171 then you should go to your nearest tehsil. Come to the office early and get your survey done. After completing the survey you can get your money from 1st January.

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