Open AIOU Login Online Portal

Open AIOU Login Online Portal


Are you an AIOU student but unable to get your AIOU login? Are you facing any errors when you click on the sign-in button? To log in to your dashboard you need to click on your relevant account platform.

Allama Iqbal Open University has lots of AIOU login web links. So it is very annoying for new students to find their respective log-in platform. So here we are going to help the student to connect with their particular account. This article will tell you how to login to my account.

aiou edu pk login

Due to extensive login accounts and links, there is confusion among the main AIOU login student. As everything has gone digital, it is definitely essential that all AIOU student data can be easily viewed on a single account login. Candidates should be grateful for the best practices of the university, which create a 24/7 digital login platform. It connects individuals with their degree credentials i.e. marks, results etc.

Furthermore, login details are confidential. Your login details will be provided to you only by the University. But once you know your details, you can change your password further. Its big advantage is that you will be able to remember the easy password you create. In addition, a student account is created when you apply for admission to AIOU, which allows you to access various services.

AIOU Student Login

The best way for AIOU student login is enrollment. Because all the necessary details are available on that platform. Furthermore, there is another login area which is used to attend the workshop and submit assignments, and it is known as LMS. So, it is up to the choice of the student what he wants to do. Open your account on a special dashboard and avail its benefits.

AIOU Login Portal

AIOU main portal, as we mentioned above, is based on the needs of the student. Log in to the portal called LMS to submit your assignment. Whereas the rest of the online workshops can also be opened on LMS. However, the enrollment portal is for adding subjects, checking marks etc. To log in to either portal, you can use the same ID/registration number and a password.

aiou login method

The method of logging into any type of AIOU account is quite easy to understand. Following this simple guide helps you open the dashboard like a piece of cake! Avoid visiting unnecessary links, just follow some steps as we are going to explain briefly:

  • Go to LMS AIOU’s for workshops and assignments
  • Go to Enrollment For Result, Personal Details, Date Sheet, Roll Number Slip etc.
  • The sign-in method is exactly the same for both accounts
  • Write registration number and password in the blank boxes
  • After entering the credentials, click on login
  • Simply you will be on your personal account dashboard
  • If you have any problems, follow the instructions of the person logging in.

Allama Iqbal Open University Login

In conclusion it proves that the entire system of Allama Iqbal Open University login is a very easy and stress free process. Students, especially women and housewives, who are pursuing their online degrees from Open University of Pakistan feel very grateful for these services. Therefore, it is very beneficial for all the individuals who want to pursue education to apply for admission in the course of their interest.

AIOU login is the fastest way to open your degree details. It can be opened 24/7 without any problem. Even if you are in remote areas where internet is very slow, 2G, your dashboard will open. But to join the live workshop you must have good internet speed. Also, make sure you join the online lecture as an attendee so that your attendance is recorded.