Prime Minister Youth Development Program New Syllabus 2024

Prime Minister Youth Development Program New Syllabus 2024


Youth Development Program

Youth Development Program Program Prime Minister Youth Skill Development Program National Technical Training Commission Federal Education Minister Vocational Old Training Free Training Online Admission has been released Prime Minister has started these programs to provide employment to the youth in Pakistan.

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In this programme, the youth will be taught and empowered with skills known as good skills to earn their living at home and live a good lifestyle.

Youth Skill Development Program

Which is their right. The Government of Pakistan has emphasized that due to the lack of jobs in Pakistan due to rising inflation, people are being attracted towards online and people are being shown online skills. So that they can earn lakhs of rupees per month sitting at home and live a good life, which is their right. Currently, the digital era is going on all over the world and the world is moving towards the digital era.

Similarly, Pakistan has promised to teach the youth the skills suitable for them, so that they can now get all the information they need by sitting at home and registering. They will learn this skill for six months, after which they will be able to earn as much money as the Government of Pakistan promises them.

NATTC Syllabus

The courses under the Pradhan Mantri Youth Skill Development Program will increase the exchange rate of the country’s economy and help in training the youth in socio-economic development for poverty alleviation.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan has said that these courses will be organized in different cities of Pakistan and the best mentors will be selected for you. So that you can develop a good skill and learn well, for this you can also apply online; After applying online, you are also told the details of the courses.

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Apart from this, the Government of Pakistan has also launched a national website. If you want to get information on the website, you will get that information.

How to apply online

If you want to do your online registration and submit the online form on the website, then first of all you have to follow these steps.

  • First of all you have to go to the official website of Government of Pakistan, which is related to youth skill development.
  • After clicking on the registration button, a registration form will open in front of you.
  • You will have to write all your information in this form
  • After this the up-news form has to be submitted on the same website
  • And after that you have to wait for a few days
  • And you will get a confirmation message on your mobile phone number
  • or there will be a delay in receiving messages on your email
  • whether your information has been received, whether you are eligible or ineligible
  • After that you can know all the information in more detail than numbers.

shorts course

In this new phase, 56 thousand youth will be given free six to eight month short courses in standard software houses, IT companies, universities and technical and industrial institutes across the country.

  • 16,000 bike youth have also been given courses in bike IT technology software, cyber security, web design, full static development etc.
  • 25 youth have been given higher and industrial courses
  • 15 youth have also been given traditional courses in electricity development etc.
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