PTA DNCR Spamming

PTA DNCR Spamming

What is DNCR?

DNCR stands for Do Not Call Register. It is already implemented in various developed countries

But in Pakistan, it has been recently implemented by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

Notification text SMS is sent to all mobile subscribers that if they wish to block marketing calls they can register themselves by sending the command “reg” to the shortcode 3627, as a result, all marketing calls will be blocked on your subscription.

How to report spamming/fraudulent SMS to PTA?

“To report spamming/fraudulent SMS

Spammers cell number space type received text and send it to short code 9000

Spammer msisdn space in right massage option get text and send to 9000

Or call PTA toll free helpline 0800-55055

Or you can lodge a complaint on your network operator helpline

telenor 345

call 333

Jazz/Warid 111

zong 310