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telenor reversal,

Telenor Easyload can be reversed by dialing the reversal string which is defined by Telenor Pakistan for all retailers


The reversal string is *777*55*MPIN*Transaction ID#

Example Suppose Retailer PIN = 000 then reversal command should be

And transaction id = 12345678


Your load will be reversed after tax deduction

ufone reversal,

Ufone reversal can be done by two methods

1.String method

*475*1*2# After dialing this string you will be asked for Transaction ID and then MPIN.

Your entire amount will be refunded without any deduction.

2.SMS Method

Type TID in compose SMS option and send to 4974

Example if tid = 1234

In SMS write option type 1234 and send it to 4974.

Jazz/Warrior Reversal:

Jazz Warid reversal can be done in 2 ways

  1. sms process
  2. string process

SMS Process: Type in your SMS option Send “RT” space TID space to Mpin 510. For example if TID = 123456 and Mpin = 2222 then type “RT” 123456 sent to 2222″ and 510.

String Method: Dial *510*4# You will then be asked to enter TID, then MPIN, your amount will be refunded immediately, if consumer has utilized advance balance, reversal will not happen in this scenario, we will get minimum balance error, in this case In, we have to call retailer helpline 1344 for logging complaint CRO will give TAT of 4 hours, any unused amount will be reimbursed after 4 hours.

Zong Reversal:

Zong reversal can be done by sending AMS by typing Transaction ID comma Retailer MPIN and send to 3567,

For example If TID = 123456 and MPIN = 222222 then

Type SMS option 123456,222222 and send to 3567

Your amount will be refunded immediately.