Solved assignment number 1 course code 303 autumn 2023

Solved assignment number 1 course code 303 autumn 2023


Write short answers to the following questions.

From which poet did Iqbal initially seek reforms through correspondence?

At the beginning of his reform project, Iqbal made use of the letters and writings of the famous Persian poet Maulana Rumi. He assimilated the intellectual legacy of Maulana Rumi and began promoting Islamic principles and principles of humanity through his poetry.

Masnavi “Gulshan Raz Zaid” is included in which Persian collection of Iqbal’s works?

“Gulshan Raz Zadid” is included in Iqbal’s Persian poetry collection “Musnavi Manavi”. This is an important and intellectual work of Iqbal in which he has presented intellectual and spiritual systems on various subjects.

Which two educational degrees did Iqbal obtain from England?

Iqbal received a degree in philosophy from England and then received a doctorate from the University of Cambridge. He decided to go to Moray College in England to obtain a master’s degree in philosophy and later received a degree in philosophy. He later obtained a doctorate in philosophy and during this degree he presented his thesis on “Islamic Philosophy”.

Which poetry collection of Iqbal contains Persian and Urdu poems?

Iqbal’s famous poetry collection “Bal Jibril” holds a special place which combines Persian and Urdu poetry. The collection combines Iqbal’s personal experiences, philosophical and mystical thoughts and is based on his main themes of intellectual development and independence.

Iqbal’s personal diary written during 1910

Iqbal’s personal diary, written during 1910, is titled “Bandinama”. This diary is based on his personal experiences, thoughts and meetings with religious leaders and throws light on various aspects of his life.

In which of his works has Iqbal described the situation of an imaginary journey to heaven?

Iqbal has described the situation of an imaginary journey to heaven in his work “Bilal”. This work incorporates his unusual thoughts and opinions and describes poetic aspects of celestial science and spirituality.

In which magazine was Iqbal’s initial article “Education and Training of Children” published?

Iqbal’s first article “Education and Education of Children” was published in his magazine “Education Theory of Iqbal”. This magazine is based on his intellectual, educational and educational principles and has provided logical and practical guidance to his thoughts in the field of education and training of children.

Tell the name of the author of the confession?

The compiled name of “Confessions” is “Baal Gabriel”.

When did Allama Iqbal pass the upper middle examination?

Allama Iqbal passed the Upper Middle Examination in 1899.

When was the India Act made?

The India Act was enacted on August 2, 1858, when the British Government acquired the authority of the Empire State Government to rule India.

For what purpose did Allama Iqbal go to England for the first time?

Allama Iqbal first visited England in 1905, when he went to London to attend a meeting of the Oriental Development and Educational Association. On this occasion he described his intellectual and philosophical views and expressed his ideas and goals for promoting Islamic thought in the Western world.

What are the two main characteristics of Zarb Kalim’s poems?

The two main characteristics of Zarb Kalim’s poems are as follows

Technical Beauty: Zarb Kalim’s poems are characterized by artistic beauty. He has made excellent use of idioms, similes and verses in his poetry which give a sense of seriousness, depth and ideological background.

Intellectual and spiritual depth: Intellectual and spiritual depth is also visible in his poems. Zarb Kaleem expressed his thoughts and ideas on important topics in the language of poetry, which makes the audience think.

While going to England, Allama Iqbal visited the Dargah of a saint in Delhi for the first time.

While going to England, Allama Iqbal first visited the Dargah of the famous local Sufi Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya in the holy city of Delhi.

The impressions of Allama Iqbal’s visit to Ghazni are presented in an Urdu poem.

Allama Iqbal has described the experiences of his visit to Ghazni in the Urdu poem “Tarikh-e-Afarnish”. In this poem he has burnt the historical places of Ghazni city of Afghanistan and the place of Mir Shakruddin through the language of his poetry.

Who advised Allama Iqbal not to leave poetry?

Allama Iqbal was advised by a teacher and mentor, Mirza Ghalib Nizami, not to give up poetry. Mirza Ghalib Nizami always encouraged Iqbal to write poetry to appreciate his poetry and achieve further progress. He taught Iqbal the importance of poetry through his famous poem “Talkhi Pasand Hai Ye Ahad-e Gulzar Hai” and gave him the courage to continue his poetry despite all difficulties and limitations.

At which place did Allama Iqbal give the first lecture on Ijtihad?

Allama Iqbal delivered his first lecture on Ijtihad on 27 February 1893 at the Masonic Hall, Lahore. This lecture is one of the important moments in the life of Allama Iqbal which helped him gain fame and he later became one of the intellectual leaders of the Indian society.

Who is meant by repository manager?

“Store manager” means a person or organization that supervises materials and equipment in a warehouse or store. It includes various areas like inventory management, project planning and stock control in a store or factory.

Where did Allama Iqbal read his poem Nala Yatim?

Allama Iqbal read his poem “Nala Yatim” in a gathering of famous social and intellectual activist Hussain Shahid. She presented this poem at a meeting of the Sisters’ Hospital of the Last Suffering in 1904 and it gave an important message to the people to care for the rights of orphans and the needy and help them.

What was the first name of Tarana Hindi poem?

The first name of “Tirana Hindi” poem was “Tirana Mashreq”. The poem became famous for its references to the evils of the holy city and the sacred history of Indian civilization and later came to be known as “Tran Hindi”.

In which magazine was the first speech of Allama Iqbal published?

Allama Iqbal’s first speech was published in “Oral Intellectual and Literary Evaluation of Allama Iqbal”. This evaluative treatise was written to explain Iqbal’s literary and intellectual identity and included details on Iqbal’s thoughts and authorship.

How did Allama Iqbal present the Urdu translation of the words of which English poets in the initial phase of his poetry?

Allama Iqbal presented Urdu translations of the words of English poets in the early stages of his poetry. He translated the works of Wilt Whitman, Charles Lumbh and Chaplin into Urdu and this influenced his early poetry. These translations helped shape his ideas and interpretations, and he later added his own ideas and interpretations.

When and which degree did Allama Iqbal get from Munich University of Germany?

Allama Iqbal received a degree in philosophy from the University of Munich, Germany in 1907. During his degree studies he studied comparative literature and English poetry.

In which language did Allama Iqbal write his PhD thesis?

Allama Iqbal wrote his PhD thesis in German. He received a degree in philosophy from the University of Munich, Germany and his dissertation (PhD thesis) was also in German and titled “The Place and Influence of Extreme Philosophy”.

Which job was offered to Allama Iqbal in Hyderabad in 1917?

In 1917, Allama Iqbal was given the post of President of “Punjabi Muslim University” in Hyderabad. During this period he worked hard in educational and intellectual publishing in Hyderabad and during this period he also played an important role in social and intellectual services.

What complaint has Allama Iqbal made against the harem?

Allama Iqbal has described his grievance against the Malay Haram in one of his poems, “Bandi”. In this poem he expressed his love for Allah and the destiny of the holy city of Mecca. In this poem he has emphasized on the sanctity and purity of the sacred places of the harem.

Give a detailed introduction of Iqbal’s scholarly works published till 1905 and describe their importance.

Allama Iqbal’s scholarly works, published till 1905, include achievements in various fields that make him renowned as a poet, philosopher, educational leader and thinker.


Iqbal’s poetry began in the early 19th century and he expressed his inclusion in the great poetic heritage through his poetry. He described the meaning, love of God and beauty of nature in Persian and Urdu.


He also began to engage in the formulation of philosophical theories. He has done his research in history, philosophy and social discourse, and has dabbled in various specializations during that time.


Iqbal has discussed the principles and intellectual objectives of education in detail in his educational work “Educational Principles of Iqbal”. He also rendered his services in the field of education and training.

,literary research

He has worked hard in his research on the subjects of literary history, Urdu poetry and Persian literature.

,Research Paper

He also wrote various research papers on various subjects.

,principles of poetry

Iqbal has also researched the ideas of his poetry which makes him a credible poet and intellectual leader.

,Sushil Ansram

Along with academic and intellectual research, he also played an important role in social governance and also provided services in the field of education and training.

These scholarly works of Iqbal gave him a unique intellectual legacy and their influence is well known in his educational, intellectual and literary character.

Iqbal has described “Zarb Kalim” as a declaration of war against modern times. Let’s examine the themes of the book and show how far this is true.

As far as I know, “Zarb Kalim” is not a confessional book, nor has it ever declared war against “modernity”. Allama Iqbal has discussed various topics in his writings and poetry, but there is no mention of any such reply or declaration of war.

“Zarb Kalim” may be a specific book whose meaning is unknown. If you are referring to a specific book or topic, please provide a little more detail so I can best respond.

Write a detailed essay on the life of Allama Iqbal till 1918.

It is difficult to write about Allama Iqbal’s life till 1918 in a comprehensive essay, but I provide brief excerpts from his life.


Iqbal received his education in Germany and England, where he studied philosophy and literature.


He described love for God, nation and nature through his poetry.

,intellectual education

Iqbal received intellectual training that made him an expert in social and philosophical debate.

,Political situation

He held important positions in the Muslim League and worked for the rights of Muslims.

,educational services

Iqbal also rendered services in the field of education and found himself involved in methods of Hindu-Muslim educational cooperation.

,ayna iqbal

He explained his philosophical and intellectual principles in “Aina Iqbal”.

,affected books

He wrote several influential books at different times that reflect his personal, intellectual and social training.

,best services

Iqbal’s services in various fields made him great.

Allama Iqbal’s life till 1918 was devoted to making him a great man in his poetic and intellectual abilities, which touched various aspects and made him Mohtaram.

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