Step by Step Guide for Ehsaas Nashanuma Program Registration Latest Update 2024

Step by Step Guide for Ehsaas Nashanuma Program Registration Latest Update 2024


Ehsaas Nashonuma program is like a great help to the youngest children in Pakistan. It’s all about ensuring that babies and children grow up healthy and strong. In this article, we will talk about how families can get involved in this program and why it is so important for the future of Pakistan.

Ehsaas Nashonuma Program Conditions:

This program is for pregnant mothers, lactating mothers and children below two years of age. To get involved, moms have to be a part of it the bishop Fulfill the Kafalat program and certain rules.

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Providing support to infants and young children:

The main idea of ​​the Ehsaas Nashanuma program is to take good care of the babies. They want to make sure that kids get good food and health care and learn things when they’re really young. In this way, children can grow up healthy and smart.

Objective of Benazir Nashonuma Programme:

This program is of utmost importance to ensure that Pakistan has a bright future. Taking care of infants and young children is like building a strong foundation for the success of the entire country.

registration process:

To be a part of this programme, families will have to visit the Nashanuma Center at the Tehsil District Central Hospital. They should bring important papers like women’s ID card, children’s Form B from NADRA and vaccination card.

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Assistance given on enrolment:

When mothers join, they get paid every three months during their pregnancy. After the birth of the child, they get more money depending on whether it is a boy or a girl. This money helps with the children’s luggage and travel expenses. This helps to continue till the baby turns two years old.

Punjab’s famous program:

These programs are also run in Punjab. Girls get Rs 2,500 and boys Rs 2,000 in the first 1,000 days to help them grow and stay healthy.

Offer assistance with enrollment

Registration for Punjab Ehsaas Programme:

To join Punjab, families can send their ID number via a text message to 8171. If they meet the rules, they will get a message confirming their enrollment.

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The Ehsaas Nashanuma program is a big deal for the youngest children of Pakistan. Taking care of babies and mothers is about establishing a strong and healthy future for the entire country. Involvement in this program provides vital help and support to young children in Pakistan.